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Pakistan Arrests, then Releases Mastermind of 2008 Mumbai Terror Attack

A Pakistani court has released the alleged mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai Terror attack that killed Gabi and Rivky Hotlzburg HYD, the Shluchim to Mumbai. He was arrested, then released on bail, despite being a US and UN designated terrorist.


A Pakistani anti-terrorism court in Lahore Pakistan, has released Hafiz Muhammed Saeed, a UN- and US-designated terrorist, on bail. He was arrested on terror related charges.

Saeed is the alleged mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai attacks that killed 166 people, including six US citizens.

Two of these citizens, Gabi and Rivky Holzberg HYD, also had Israeli citizenship and ran the city’s Chabad House, they left behind their famous son Moshele Holzberg who was miraculously saved by their nanny Sandra.

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