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Cheder Menachem Welcomes first Sefer Torah

Los Angeles, CA — On Sunday, the 17th of Sivan, Cheder Menachem of Los Angeles, CA welcomed it’s first very own Sefer Torah. The celebration started bright and early as each student had a chance to stand by the Sofer, Rabbi Aron Shaffier of the Mezuzah Gallery as he inscribed a letter in the Torah together for them. The children then took part in a mini Sofrus workshop run by Sofer Rabbi Yosef Teitelbaum where the children were given the opportunity to write their very own names with the aid of a quill and ink.

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In a beautiful show of support, community members and parents came and took part of the completion of the Sefer Torah. Divrei Torah was shared by Rabbi Aron Begun from Chabad of Cheviot Hills who explained the importance of every letter in the Sefer Torah and how every Yid represents a letter in the Sefer Torah.

Rabbi Mendel Greenbaum, principal of Cheder Menachem then introduced the benefactors of the Cheder’s brand new Sefer Torah, Mr. & Mrs. Yosef Kamish of Cheviot Hills, thanking them for the priceless gift that they have endowed to the Cheder. Mr Kamish, in return thanked both Rabbi Greenbaum as well as the students of the Cheder. “I daven with the Cheder Minyan every morning and the inspiration has strengthened me as well as the Yiddishkeit of my entire family.” It is this impression and inspiration that moved him to this dedication.

Mr. Kamish then proceeded to inscribe the final letter in the Sefer Torah. Hagbah was then made. Rabbi Greenbaum was honored with Gelilas HaTorah.

The Siyum was then followed by a joyous rounds of Hakofos where the children of the Cheder joined in the celebration and dancing with the new Sefer Torah.

The Sefer Torah was then brought into the Cheder Menachem shul where it was welcomed by hundreds of singing children, adults and the Sefer Torah that the Cheder currently uses on loan.

The event was certainly a joyous one for the entire Los Angeles community and will be remembered for many long months and years to come.


  • 1. Shazam-Chroides wrote:

    That cheder is the best!-not only in the west coast but thruout the states!R Greenbaum and his staff are excellent teachers and are a dugmah chaya for the new generation -yasher koach!


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