Chabad of Georgetown Hebrew School Graduates

Sunday, Chabad of Georgetown Hebrew School in Brooklyn graduated their third successful Hebrew School year. Throughout the year one of the main the focuses were teaching the children about their Jewish roots and ancestors whom they called their ‘Jewish Heroes’. As a way to show their parents the years accomplishments, the students each creatively dressed up as another Jewish Hero (i.e. Avraham, Yitzchak Yaakov…,) and then showed it off in a ‘Jewish Hero Fashion show’! The families of the students looked on proudly as each child had a chance to walk down the red carpet where the background of each respective Hero was explained in a Narration.

Following the introduction speeches from Shliach Rabbi Avrohom Holtzberg and Hebrew School Director Sterny Holtzberg, three students from the older class each had a chance to speak. They each beautifully expressed in a carefully prepared speech how much they gained from their Hebrew school experience and why they feel Hebrew school is important.

In his moving speech, Elan expressed; “One of my favorite Jewish Heroes is Rabbi Akiva. I feel like a valuable lesson we can learn from him, is that it’s never too late to learn Torah! I may not have known all the stuff I know now if I had not come to Hebrew School but each week, I learn new and valuable lessons!”

Liawent on to relate in her speech; “I joined Hebrew school this year and Sunday became my favorite day of the week!”

Milli captured Hebrew School perfectly when she said: “Hebrew School is something that I look forward to every single week. We don’t just read books and study here. We learn through experiences. We learn in ways that are fun and memorable!”

A video presentation to recap the years memories had everyone mesmerized. After each child received an award and a gift, the students registered excitedly for the next year to come!

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