Rabbi Feldman and Rabbi Greenbaum to Address Kinus Hamechanchim

The 18th Kinus HaMechanchim program includes some of outstanding chinuch professionals in the US and will also feature some of the most outstanding mechanchim of Chabad.

Master-menahel, Rabbi Menachem M. Greenbaum, principal at Cheder Menachem in Los Angles will present on communicating with parents and master-melamed, Rabbi Levi Feldman from Oholei Menachem will present on classroom management and lesson planning.

Both have been acclaimed by colleagues and their communities and are held in the highest regard in the chinuch world.

The wide array of presenters at the kinus speaks to the high standards the Kinus has been known for. Mechanchim come to learn, to share and to enjoy two days of nothing but chinuch. The Kinus will take place on Monday and Tuesday 5-6 Tammuz, 8th and 9th July at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Danbury CT.

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