“Positivity Bias,” A New Book from Chabad.org for Gimmel Tammuz

In honor of 25 years since Gimmel Tammuz, Chabad.org has partnered with Ezra Press (an imprint of Kehot Publication Society) and acclaimed author Mendel Kalmenson to release a new book entitled Positivity Bias which offers practical wisdom for positive living based on the example and teachings of the Rebbe.

The book has become an instant hit, with educators, shluchim, and mashpiim hailing its ease of use and practical advice, and many mosdos pre-ordering the book for use as graduation gifts for students and end-of-year presents for their staff.

“The demand for the book has exceeded our estimates, as pre-orders continue to flow in,” Kehot reported. “This book is poised to be a bestseller.”

“The book’s straightforward and pragmatic message make it an obvious choice for laypeople and rabbis; adults and children alike,” said Rabbi Meir Simcha Kogan of Chabad.org. “Its very title highlights the Rebbe’s message: while many struggle with a negativity bias — drawn to messages of doom and gloom — the Rebbe taught us that we must see the good in everything — we must develop a positivity bias.”

We each possess a personalized lens that frames the way we see ourselves and the world around us. In order to live in the most meaningful and effective way possible, each of us can and must continually adjust the default frames we have developed. In Positivity Bias, we learn that life is essentially good; that positive perception is accessible to all; and that positive living is a matter of choice, not circumstance.

An inspiring and life-enriching tapestry woven from hundreds of stories, letters, anecdotes, and vignettes — Positivity Bias highlights how the Rebbe taught us to see ourselves, others, and the world around us.

Schools and other organizations have turned to Chabad.org with an interest in giving these out as end-of-year gifts. To help make this possible, a special pre-order special has been arranged. For a limited time, shluchim and mosdos can save up to 50% by pre-ordering the book.

The book is slated to be available in stores shortly after Shavuos and will begin shipping on June 14. Demand for it is already being felt by the pre-orders that are coming in, but you can guarantee your order by pre-ordering.

Learn more about this book and place your order at www.chabad.org/PositivityBias

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