Special Surprise Gift at Siddur Party

Do you remember when you learned Alef?

For the Kindergarten students of Cheder Menachem, NJ, today was a very special day indeed – it was time for each child to receive their very own Siddur.

The long journey from mastering the Alef-Beis, adding the nekudos and then blending into words finally paid off as they proudly sang and performed for parents, family members and friends.

Under the care and Chassidisher guidance of Morah Nechama Dina Goldenberg, the children were very ready for this big day with some surprises of their own.

To the great pleasure of all those who attended and were watching on video call, the class recited the entire Perek Lamed Beis of Tanya by heart on their own!

There are no words to describe the Nachas that was tangible in the room.

To make the day even more memorable, the Morah gifted each child a dime that she had personally received from the Rebbe.

This treasure will stay with these children forever as they continue their journey of being proud Chassidim.

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