N’Shei Gimmel Tammuz Issue Hot off the Press

The Magic Words

What are the magic words to tell a mother struggling to cross the street with several howling children on Kingston Avenue? Should you give parenting advice or a reassuring pat on the back? Should you smile or look away? In the upcoming Gimmel Tammuz issue of the N’shei Chabad Newsletter, Naomi Schleifer shares the four magic words a kind Bubby told her when she stood in the street with her screaming babies. The secret? It’s hard for everyone.

25 Years Since Gimmel Tammuz

In an exclusive interview with Rabbi Yossi Paltiel, the N’shei Chabad Newsletter tackles some challenging questions: What can we hold on to as another day passes without seeing the Rebbe? How can we process our own grief and confusion while simultaneously articulating a message for our children, students, mekuravim, etc.? The Rebbe told us that the world is ready and we can already see the signs of Moshiach in the world- how can we see that now?

With his trademark knowledge, wit and clarity, Rabbi Paltiel answers these questions and more. “We are not sitting around waiting for Moshiach,” he states. “We are not living in suspended animation. Each day we have to the work of that day. The foundation of a chossid is emunahand optimism. The avodah is hard but it is vital for us to keep up our spirits and to keep up the spirits of others. Someone once told the Rebbe after Yud Shvat, ‘Whenever I see a picture of the Frierdiker Rebbe, I cry.’ The Rebbe answered him, ‘And what do your tears accomplish?’”

Ahavas Yisroel Begins at Home

One of the most popular columns in the N’shei Chabad Newsletter is “Tzippy Remembers When…,” featuring the stories of Mrs. Tzippy Clapman, RN, MS, FNP and BPICH (Beloved Person In Crown Heights).

“… we all know that one of the main reasons for the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash was sinas chinam, baseless hatred among Jews. My friends, let’s look inward for a moment. Here we all are, opening our homes, going on shlichus or supporting shluchim, going on mivtza’im, trying so hard in any way we can to bring Moshiach, but what about the rifts we have with our neighbors and family members? Most began over kleinekeiten. Are we working hard to clear hose up, and not to cause new ones? Often we think, yes, there is a lack of shalom here, and it’s not as it should be, but it’s not my doing so I don’t have to repair it: Why should I apologize when I didn’t do anything wrong? The good news is it’s fine to apologize even if you didn’t do anything wrong.”

Also included in the new Tammuz Issue: Izzy Kalman’s new book on bullying, the life and lessons of Mrs. Sara Esther Feigelstock a"h, a daughter-in-law’s journey to having a great relationship with her shvigger, Rabbi Shais Taub on the Rebbe’s approach to creating leaders, and so much more.

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