Non Stop Purim in Kharkov

From the thousands of people at the circus on the eve of Purim,  the hundreds of kindergarten and school children at the programs in the day, and the large crowd at the Royal Purim Seuda in the shule towards the end of the day- Purim in Kharkov this year, was a non stop day full of programs, megillah readings, mishloach manos and lots of fun!

At the entrance of the circus hundreds of men and boys put on tefillin, women and girls received Shabbos candles, and everyone received Mishloach Manos.

The circus program was spectacular with fountains and acrobats, animals and performers!

The Or Avner Chabad school and kindergarten started the program with song and dance, and a moving performance with the director of the school Grigory Shochet on the violin.

Rabbi Moshe Moskovitz spoke about the importance of gathering the Jews together in unity as in the times of Mordechai. The government officials were impressed that the Jewish community in Kharkov is so alive and vibrant and keeping its traditions .

Rabbi Levi Raices together with the Cheder and Yeshiva Ketana, surprised the crowd with Mexican dancing as the megillah was read.

The Purim spirit continued throughout the whole day with special programs in the kindergarten, school, Machon and Yeshiva, and in Chesed for the elderly. The megillah was read and mishloach manos given to Jewish inmates.

At the Royal Purim seudah in the shule, a young student from the Stars program who had recently had a bris, got the Jewish name Ephraim.

The non stop Purim spirit in Kharkov this year will hopefully last throughout the whole year round.

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