JEM: Might Jews be the Cause of Anti-Semitism?

Social media is buzzing about a scandal in Congress. A lawmaker made anti-semitic comments, but later justified them as simply asking hard question regarding Israel’s decision making.

How should we react? Perhaps we should adjust our behavior to avoid the judgement and hostility of those who attack us?

In this fascinating clip, the Rebbe speaks of anti-semitism in his own childhood memories to explain a truth about Jew hatred…


  • 1. Michael. wrote:

    Well guys. The Rebbe gave him a piece of his mind. An absolute straight forward answer. Not the one he expected or wanted to hear. You ask a person who is absolute truth without exception you get a truthful reply. Watch what you wish for and who you ask. This gentleman didn’t expect such a reply and didn’t look to happy to hear that. Hoping the Rebbe’s words made an impact on him as should be.

    Happy Purim to all.

  • 2. F.C.S. wrote:

    A goy needs not excuse for his anti-semitism.

    A Jew needs only to follow Torah and mitzvos and all the evil plans of our enemies will be naught – Purim certainly reminds us of this.
    Let us emulate the strength of the Mordechai of our generation.


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