“I am Yitzi Hurwitz, and I Know that I Matter”

Watch as Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz writes a message to the CTeens on this years slogan, “I Matter.”

I was talented. I could teach, lecture, sing, dance and play guitar. I was strong and handy. Within two years, I watched that all slip away. My muscles that played guitar, gave to my congregation and danced at weddings lost their functionality. They call it ALS.


  • 2. One of many admirers wrote:

    May Hashem send a complete and speedy refua to Yitzi.
    We are rooting for you.
    You inspire so many.
    Besuros tovos b’karoiv!

  • 4. Katonti... wrote:

    Rabbi Yitzi Hurwitz – Your teachings, and the personal example you set every day/week, are most inspirational, and simply beyond words. Please, keep teaching us, the meaning of Judaism, and life. Zehu Chossid, Zehu Tzadik Gamor.

  • 5. you continue to be inspirational wrote:

    and maybe even more so. And I didn’t tell you until now, and just think how many more people are inspired by you to get through their day and to have more emunah in Hashem and thanks to Him, and didn’t tell you. You might never know how many people you reached and to what depth, but know that you did, and continue to do so.


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