Morocco Celebrates 60 Years of Shlichus

On Sunday evening January 13th, friends and family members, students and Shluchim, took part in the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the Shlichus of Rabbi Shalom and Rebbetzin Gitel Eidelman to Morocco.

Over 100 people from the local Jewish community attended the celebration honoring their beloved Shluchim.

Present at the event as well were; Mr. Serge Berdugo, President of the Moroccan Jewish Community, the chief Rabbi of Casablanca Rabbi Yossef Israel and Rabbi Yossef Yitzchak Gorodetsky, the Director of the European and North African Bureau of Chabad-Lubavitch.

At the Rebbe’s request, the Lubavitch presence was established in Morocco by the Rebbe’s Ba-Koach, Rabbi Benyamin E. Gorodetsky just a few weeks before Yud Shevat 5710/1950.

This year also marks the beginning of the 70th year of the Lubavitch presence as well as the many institutions that the Rebbe established in Morocco.

In the background you can see the picture of King Mohammed VI of Morocco, as is the case in any official event.

May Rabbi and Rebitzen Edelman be blessed with good health and continued success in their holy work on behalf of Moroccan Jewry and may we all merit the coming of Moshiach speedily in our day!


  • 1. Wow wrote:

    I am so happy they got the honor they so so deserve! Continued Hatslocho gezunterheit, freilicherheit

  • 2. Me wrote:

    So happy to see in pictures Rabbi Gorodetski continuing the precious work of his grand father. May he have a lot of hatslocho.

  • 3. Shliach wrote:

    The picture with the Russian tote bag is so symbolic of Shlichus in general, particularly in the early years of Shlichus. Refugees from Russia to Morocco, a Russian Israeli Tomim and his American wife to Italy, and on it goes. We can’t understand what’s behind this but it is surely The Rebbe’s heilige ruach haKodesh planting each Shliach according to his neshomo.

    Written by someone replanted by The Rebbe


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