Tzeirei Hashluchos Winter Camp Ends After 8 Fun-Filled Days

100 young shluchos returned to their home-town inspired, rejuvenated, and recharged after 8 fun-filled days of Tzeirei Hashluchos Winter Camp in Glendale, California.

Girls from all over the West Coast of America converged in Southern California for a memorable week of achdus, chayus and excitement. Whether they arrived by car or by plane, these girls all have one thing in common. They are all shluchos of the Rebbe, young girls who have selflessly given over their lives to reach out to fellow Jews. Just one week a year, these young soldiers are given the opportunity to come together; to unite, bond and strengthen each other.

With this year’s camp theme of “Charged”, the exceptional staff gave the girls the tools to refuel their energy to return to their shlichus with an increased Chayus and Hiskashrus to the Rebbe, their commander.

The short 8 days were packed to the brim as both campers and counselors made use of every moment they had together. From morning until night the girls were treated with incredible activities and non-stop fun! Electives, carnival, bonfire, games, crafts and so much more. International day, Color day and Purim day just to add the fun and not to forget the professional juggling performance, a surprise hypnosis show and a special visit from the head Shluchim to California Rabbi and Rebbetzin Cunin.

The grand trip on Wednesday to Magic Mountain, one of the biggest Six flags in the world, really got the camp on a high. The very next day followed in suit as the girls bounced around on inflatables in Scooters Jungle.

By the time Shabbos approached, new friendships had been formed, and connections had been made, uniting both campers and counselors as one
close-knit Tzeirei Hashluchos family. Shabbos brought the camp to a new level, with singing, farbrengens and the warmth felt from the day of Shabbos itself. For many, this was the first Shabbos of the year being spent with girls their own age, a Shabbos to be cherished and treasured forever.

Between all this, every day followed a Seder as befitting the Rebbe’s camp. Starting with early morning Cocoa club and daily Shiurim, to Tzivos Hashem learning in the afternoon, Rebbe time in the evening and Farbrengens until late hours of the night.

The energy that radiated from the dining room each day was electrifying. With the constant singing, dancing and cheerful laughter, the sheer joy of each camper was clearly evident. Walking around the beautiful campsite, surrounded by the Californian mountains, it was almost surreal to see so many campers all smiles and full of Chayus.

Camp ended on a high with a regal and elegant banquet on Sunday night. Between tears of joy, yet sadness at having to say goodbye, the girls joined in unison with singing and dancing. Tzivos Hashem prizes were distributed in addition to a Hachlato auction. No doubt the highlight of it all was the raffling off of a Rebbe dollar. The feeling in the room as the name was being picked was palpable as every Shlucha yearned to be the lucky one to receive a dollar from the Rebbe.

What could be achieved in just one week is immeasurable. The connections formed between both campers and counselors are ones that have certainly made a huge impression on all.

The counselors were led by head-staff Malka Aisenbach, Shevy Werner and Mushky Silverman who provided round-the clock chassidishe warmth and a positive environment for these precious children.

The camp is directed by veteran directors Rabbi Zalmy and Shterna Kudan and Rabbi Mendel and Rochel Loschak.

This camp is organized and run by Shluchim for Shluchim. The executive committee overseeing the camps funding and operations are California Shluchim Rabbis Simcha Backman, Nachman Abend and Shlomo Bistritsky.

A very special thanks to all the supporters of the Tzeirei HaShluchim Camp, especially Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Reb Shmulik Aizenberg, Reb Shalom Leytin, and Reb Yosef Gorowitz.

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