An Iconic Chosid’s Work Lives On

A visit to a simcha hall in Crown Heights would have once been remiss without the image of Reb Meir Ronnes, A’”H, walking from table to table in his characteristically cheery manner, announcing the special quality of each day and informing people of all the upcoming Chassidishe Yomim Tovim on the calendar that week.

Where did the money he collected go to? To supporting Hafotzos HaMaayonos and Chassidus shiurim in shuls and homes across the tri-state area.

Reb Meir A”H was a unique chosid, entirely dedicated to the Rebbe’s call of Hafatzas HaMaayanos. Following his untimely passing, Keren Meir was established to ensure that this holy work would continue. Today, Keren Meir oversees shiurim and chavrusas in communities and shuls across the tri-state area.

Today in honor of Rabbi Roness’s 4th yartzeit, Keren Meir is holding its annual winter fundraising raffle to help cover its costs of operation. One winner will receive two round trip tickets to Eretz Yisrael and a weekend stay at the Jerusalem King David Hotel.

“We ask everyone in the community to contribute generously toward this cause,” said Rabbi Botnick , who now directs Keren Meir. “Chassidus is a burning flame, and it is our responsibility as Chassidim to be its torch bearers and prepare the world for the imminent revelation of Moshiach.”

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Tickets to the raffle can be purchased at

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