The Halachos: Vesain Tal Umator Livrocho


Courtesy of Rabbi Garelik of, we present a series on Halochos of Chanukah:

This year 5779, on Tuesday evening, the Third night of Chanukah, (Dec. 4th), in Maariv, we begin saying “Vesain
Tal Umotor Livrocho” in the Amidah. We will continue doing so until Erev Pesach by Mincha.
Below are the possibilities for making up “Vesain Tal Umotor Livrocho”, if one forgot:
1. If one reminded himself before he said the word “Hashem” of “(Boruch Atoh) Hashem Mevarech Hashanim”, he goes back to “Vesain
Tal Umotor Livrocho” and continues from there.

2. If one already said the word “Hashem” of “(Boruch Atoh) Hashem Mevarech Hashanim”, but reminded himself before he started the next
Brocho of “Teka Beshofar”, then he says “Vesain Tal Umotor Livrocho” and then continues “Teka Beshofar.”

3. If one already started “Teka Beshofar,” he continues until the middle of “Shema Koleinu,” and says the following: ומלפניך”
.מלכנו ריקם אל תשיבנו, ותן טל ומטר לברכה, כי אתה שומע וכו'”

4. If he finished “Baruch Ato Hashem Shomeia Tefilah,” but did not yet start “Retzei” then he says here: “Vsein Tal Umatar Levracha, Retzai…..”

5. If one started “Retzai” and did not yet finish the Amidah (i.e. did not say the second “Yehiu Lratzon,” he goes back to “Borech Aleinu.”

6. If one finished the Amidah, (he said the second Yehiu Leratzon), and reminded himself that he did not say “Vesain Tal Umatar,” he has to daven the Amidah a second time.

7. During the week-days, if one reminded himself during the next Tefilah that in the previous one he did not say “Vesain Tal Umator” example: during Maariv he reminded himself that at Mincha he did not say “Vesain Tal Umator” or at Shacharis he reminded himself that he did not say it in Maariv), he needs to daven two Amidahs.

8. If on Friday night he realized that at Mincha of Friday afternoon he did not say ומטר טל ותן ,one does not daven
two Amidahs on Friday night.
9. If he is in doubt whether he said “Vesain Tal Umotor” or not: For the first 30 days we assume that he did
not say it, and he has to say the Amidah again. After 30 days he does not have to repeat the Amidah.

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