The Halachos: During Chanukah

Courtesy of Rabbi Garelik of, we present a series on Halochos of Chanukah:

1. Tachanun: Tachanun is not recited from Mincha, Erev Chanukah, until the end of Chanukah.
2. V’al Hanissim:

a. We add V’al Hanissim in the Amidah and in Birchas Hamazon.

b. If one forgot V’al Hanissim in the Amidah: If you remember before saying Hashem of Hadov Shimcha Ulcha Naeh
Lehodos, go back to say V’al Hanissim, but if you already said the word Hashem, do not go back.

c. If one forgot V’al Hanissim in Birchas Hamazon:
If you remember before saying Hashem of the bracha Al Haretz V’al Hamazon, go back to say V’al Hanissim.
However, if you remember after saying the word Hashem, then, before saying Harachamon Hu Yizakeinu, add
“הרחמן הוא יעשה לנו ניסים כמו שעשה לאבותינו בימים ההם בזמן הזה, בימי מתתיהו וכו”
(On Shabbos, add it after Harachaman Hu Yanchileinu…; On Rosh Chodesh, add it after Harachaman Hu Yechadesh…)

3. Hallel: In Shacharis we add the complete Hallel.
4. Tzedaka: It is customary to add in the giving of Tzedaka on Chanukah.
5. Chanukah Gelt:

a. It is proper to give Chanukah gelt to one’s children (even if they are adults or married) each
night of Chanukah.

b. Also husbands should give to their wives and wives to their husbands (for the assistance to
make their home into a Beis Chabad.)

c. On the (fourth or) fifth night, more is given.

d. For Shabbos, it is given on Erev Shabbos or on Sunday.

e. Also on Motzoei Shabbos we give Chanukah Gelt. Those who are careful not to handle money
on Motzoei Shabbos should talk about the Chanukah Gelt and give it on Sunday morning.

6. Presents for Chanukah.
7. “Latkes Evening”: The Rabbeim would make a farbrengen with their families one of the nights of
Chanukah, and it was called a Latkes Event.
8. Dreidel: It is customary to play with a Dreidel.
9. Participate in Chassidishe Farbrengens.
10. On Chanukah we add in Seuda (meals) and Simcha (joy).
11. Vesain Tal Umotor: This year, on the third night of Chanukah, we start adding in the Amidah “Vesain
Tal Umotor”. See details below in the last page of the “reminders”.