Martial Law Does Not Stop a Farbrengen in Ukraine

As tensions rise in Ukraine and the president announces that Ukraine will now be under martial law,Kharkov’s Jewish community went to celebrate and find reassurance in the Beis Menachem Shule on Pushkinskaya.
A packed crowd listened to Rabbi Moshe Moskovitzs words of encouragent, “Chassidus teaches us the power of positive action and adding more light to fight the darkness.
By doing more good and spreading light we will be bringing peace and goodness to the world”. Rabbi Dovber Baitman from Dniepr braved the winter snow and sleet to share a Chassidic Maamar and the boys of the Cheder Menachem sang niggunim through the evening.
Everyone left inspired and encouraged that the light of chassidus and the upcoming lights of Chanukah would brighten up not only Kharkov and Ukraine but the whole world!

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