1000’s Mark Lag BaOmer in France

Marking Lag BaOmer, several thousand children gathered to celebrate this auspicious date. The full day event was organized by “Torah Land”, and its director Rabbi Yona Attal.

The island of “Port aux cherries of Draveil”, was reserved exclusively for the event where the children were able to take advantage of the forest area to make a picnic and have outdoor activities. All the various attractions and rides were open for the children throughout the day.

In the setting of a cave, the children went in search of Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai who told them his Nissim veniflaot.

Attractions of all kinds were proposed for the happiness of all. Obviously, a big Kinous took place in the middle of the day. The children were able to sing the 12 Psoukim with the participation of the young prodigy, Nissim Eliaou who was accompanied by the orchestra of Yossef Brami.

The children were able to receive the Bracha of the Chief Rabbi of Paris, Rabbi Michel Gugenheim and listened to a message concerning Lag baomer from the director of the Bureau Lubavitch European, Rabbi Yosef Yitschok Gorodetsky and the greetings of Mr. Patrick Karam, vice-president from the Ile de France region.

The day ended with a lively parade, with the participation of “Super Mitzva Man and the Mitzvot train”.

A gourmet kosher area and an archery stand were proposed, according to the custom of Lag Baomer.

A cocktail was served in the presence of school principals as well as many civil and community leaders.

The students of Beth Rivkah Seminary were on hand to guide the children through their exciting day with a mix of fun and learning.

This day was organized with the support of the Federation of France, the FSJU, the Bureau Lubavitch European and the Ile de France region.