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Hadar Hatorah Announce Purim Raffle Winners

The 16 lucky winners of Hadar Hatorah’s 19th annual Purim raffle, the proceeds of which benefit the Crown Heights Yeshiva under the auspices of the NCFJE, have been announced:

1:$5000.00 Cash – Menachem Schuartzman, Morristown, NJ

2: Megillas Esther/Silver case – Russell & Leslie Coff,  Madison,   WI

3: $1500. Travel –  Gershon Sabol, Spring Valley, NY

4: $1500 Gift Cards– Yosef Schechter, Brooklyn, NY

5: Five Piece Sterling Silver Shabbos Table Set –  Avigdor Kravietz, Pomona, NY

6: Diamond Pendant – Yechezkel Yaffee, Brooklyn, NY

7: Dell Computer – Rochel Gordon, Miami, FL

8: Bracelet – Avraham Yosef Baez, Brooklyn, NY

9: Watches – Russell & Leslie Coff, Madison, WI

10: Earrings – Ephraim Bander, Brooklyn, NY

11: “Mizrach” Lithograph by Michoel Muchnik – Binie Tenenbaum, Irvine, CA

12: Michel Schwartz Lithograph (Lchaim): Eliezer Putter, Brooklyn, NY

13: Apple iPad   – Yisroel Goldberg, Brooklyn, NY

14: Canon Digital Camera –Aryeh Leib Fuss, Brooklyn, NY

15: $500 B&H – Aaron Mendelsohn, Brooklyn, NY

16: Canon Camcorder – Sholom M. Hecht, Brooklyn, NY

Hadar Hatorah’s raffle organizers said “Thank you again to all those who participated and made the Purim Raffle a great success.”



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