West Coast Shluchim Gather for 46th Annual Kinus

On Sunday 3 of Adar, February 18, over 200 Shluchim from across the state of California and Nevada gathered for a day of inspiration, solidarity and camaraderie. The Kinus was held at the new, beautiful and spacious Chabad of North Hollywood under the leadership of Rabbis Aharon and Nachman Abend.

The Kinus started with a learning session by Rabbi Mendel Cohen, mashpia at Yeshiva Ohr Elchonon Chabad on various Purim explanations by the Rebbe’s father, Hagoen, Hamekubal Reb Leivik. Following the shiur, there were sessions addressed by various Shluchim and one which specifically addressed innovative methods of implementing the Rebbe’s 10 Mivtzoim.

Later in the evening the Shluchim gathered for their grand banquet. The dinner started off with words from Rabbi Nachman Abend – who was also the master of ceremonies.  He began by reciting Tehillim for all Jews across the world – and specifically for all the Shluchim and Shluchos who need a Refuah Shleimah Bekorov. Rabbi Eliezer Gurary, Shliach to Chapman University in Orange County  shared with fellow Shluchim a meaningful Dvar Malchus regarding the Rebbe’s approach on how to reach every Jew regardless of background or involvement.

Rabbi Aharon Abend, senior Shliach at Chabad of North Hollywood shared with Shluchim the various miracles which transpired while they built their magnificent new center and encouraged Shluchim to think big and achieve even bigger.

The head Shliach of West Coast Chabad-Lubavitch, Rabbi Boruch Shlomo Cunin then addressed the assembly and infused all the participants with an understanding of the importance of staying strong and continuing to build the Rebbe’s Mosdos in these last few moments of Galus through “Simcha and Bitachon.” Rabbi Cunin distributed to Shluchim a special memento of the Kinus, a box of stones which came from the courtyard of 770 and upon which the Rebbe walked at various times.

The keynote address and a highlight of the evening was given by Rabbi Chaim Hanoka, Shliach to Pasadena, California. His speech focused on theme of “Simcha… m’darf halten in ein marbeh zain” (we always need to add in Simcha) words which the Rebbe mentioned by a farbrengen in 5717 in connection with Chodesh Adar. Through a series of stories and anecdotes, Rabbi Hanoka masterfully portrayed how the Rebbe made Simcha an integral part of Shlichus and empowered Shluchim to accomplish incredible things through happiness and joy.

A presentation was made to the Shluchim by graduates of the Chabad Drug Rehabilitation Center who demonstrated to the attending Shluchim how successful the program is. They also discussed the importance of recommending community members who face addiction to a Chabad Mosad considering the unique and very successful approach to healing which is employed at the center.

A special thanks was given to Rabbis Aharon, Nachman and Yitzchok Abend the Shluchim of North Hollywood, the Vaad HaKinus led by Rabbis Simcha Backman, Shalom Ber Cunin, Mendy Cohen and Zalman Marcus and to all the Shluchim who came from far and near to make this one of the most memorable West Coast Kinus HaShluchim in recent memory.

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