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Contentious “FISA Abuse” Memo Released

President Donald Trump ordered the release of a controversial memo, compiled by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes. The memo details abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act in targeting a U.S. citizen and volunteer for the Trump presidential campaign, based on information contain in the infamous and widely debunked dossier.


As expected president Trump declassified a house intelligence memo which accuses the justice department under Obama and the FBI of abusing their power and trying to undermine his campaign.

As we reported the Democrats, as well as the FBI, tried desperately to stop the publication of the memo. But despite their dire warnings president Trump cleared it for release today.

Here are the key points in the memo:

  • The Hillary Clinton campaign hired a group called FusionGPS to collect dirt on Trump. They then handed the information to the Justice Department.
  • Mr. Steel who worked for FusionGPS and put together the Russian dossier told the DOJ explicitly that he was desperate that Donald Trump not be elected president.
  • Senior DOJ and FBI officials knew the Russia dossier was politically motivated and originated in the Clinton campaign yet intentionally excluded this information from the FISA applications to spy on the Trump campaign.
  • The head of the FBI James Comey – who was later fired by Trump – signed three FISA requests. Rod Rosenstein the currently serves as deputy attorney general signed one or more FISA requests.
  • The Russian dossier was the bases of all four FISA warrant request to spy on the Trump campaign.
  • Andrew Mccabe who was the number two at the FBI testified that FISA warrants would not have been granted or even requested without the Russian dossier.
  • High ranking members in the FBI and the Mouler investigation orchestrated media leaks and discussed an “insurance policy” against president Trump.


  • 1. Read. Relax Re-Read wrote:

    “If you put all the pieces together here’s what you get. The DNC rigs the Democratic Primary Election against Bernie Sanders so Hilliary can win the nomination. Obama’s administration starts to request surveillance on Trump, his family, his transition team, and anyone associated with him. Donna Brazil gives Hilliary the questions to a debate. The DNC pays Christopher Steele to come up with a smear dossier about Trump. The mainstream media releases a taped conversation about Trump talking about grabbing women parts. After all this Trump still wins the General Election. Obama orders an investigation into Russia meddling in our elections. Obama changes Executive Order 12333 to allow more agencies to have access to surveillance data. The Democratic Party comes up with a scandal that Trump Colluded with Russia to win the election with no evidence or proof. This wild claim is backed up by the mainstream media. Obama hold overs start unmasking Trump’s transition team and staff members then release the classified information to the mainstream media. Why? Because the DNC and the Obama administration colluded with the intelligence community to thwart Trump’s campaign efforts to get him elected president. All this Russia collusion is an attempt to cover up the fact that the Obama administration, the intelligence community, the DNC, along with the mainstream media used our nations surveillance as a political tool to try to get Hilliary elected President. This makes Watergate look like a kindergarten play. Let that sink in…….”

  • 2. CH Resident wrote:

    Please. Not everyone who lives in this community is on board with having a racist, narcissistic, inexperienced scammer in the White House. We await midterms with prayers that sanity will begin to reassert itself.

    • 3. Drain the swamp wrote:

      So you have no issue with the DOJ and FBI and IRS abusing their power? So long they get Trump it’s all good? The ends justifies the means?
      Because YOU don’t like him! because YOU think he is nuts! Never mind that he was elected president against all odds. YOU know better, YOU know what’s right and wrong.
      You are heading down a slippery slope.

  • 4. DeClasse' Intellectual wrote:

    #2) just remember!! As bad as you paint Trump, just remember Clinton would have been tht muchworse for the country, Israel and the Jews. i.e., George Soros, a big machker in the Clinton foundation is well know for his upport of anti Israel groups and attacks on the Constitution and Bill of Rights which protects our religious fredoms and other activities.
    Why is Snowden so important–exposed the principle in government that “absolute power corrupts absolutely!”
    And, in this case by a few who thought they knew better then anyone else!!

    • 5. Worried in Wisconsin wrote:

      You’re correct – Clinton would not have been a friend of Israel or of Jews.

      However, I’d suggest we all keep both eyes open right now. My suspicion is that Trump’s positive actions to Israel and the Jewish community will only last as long as it serves his purposes.

      I’m still waiting for him to stand up against Arthur Jone, the Neo-Nazi running for Congress in Illinois who is likely to win the Republican nomination. Or for him to speak out against the candidate in Wisconsin, Paul Nehlen, who posted a list of his critics, saying ’74 are Jews’. He included phone numbers and personal information in his release.

      Trump is now the leader of the Republican Party, and it’s up to him to take action and not just talk up a good game.

  • 6. Just Wondering wrote:

    Will you post the Democratic counter-memo when it’s released or just this partisan garbage?


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