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Once Again: Tefillin Stand Shut Down in Israel

Once again, a Chabad Tefillin stand in Israel was threatened with a fine and shut down by local officials, this time in Tel Aviv. A previous incident in Herzliya caused a firestorm, culminating with a personal apology from the mayor.

From Yeshiva World News:

Municipal inspectors on Erev Shabbos Parshas Noach shut down a Chabad tefilin booth in Ramat Aviv, threatening failure to close would result in a fine. The shaliach working the booth was told since he did not have a permit, he would have to shut it down or receive a fine.

The same occurred in Herzliya a number of months ago, resulting in a stir, until Mayor Moshe Fadlon met with the city’s shaliach and put on tefilin, sending a clear message of support and putting the matter to rest.

Chabad continues an uphill battle in secular Ramat Aviv, which has often exhibited strong opposition to any religious education or influence in their area.


  • 1. motti wrote:

    That’s very sad, i can understand if such a thing happens outside Eretze Hakodesh, but in the wholy Land?……


  • 2. So Sad wrote:

    In any other country it would be Anti-Semitism!
    What’s the matter with Israelis?
    They call benefit from Chabad Houses all over the world!!!
    We take care of their childrern !
    So if physical food is OK for them to take , Why not also Spiritual food?

  • 3. shlomo wrote:

    It’s oooooold story in Ramat Aviv. once they even pay to food cart selling pork to stay near ))) and police simple stop react many years ago, so they obviously bribe IMHO Municipal inspectors


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