Woman Who Tried to Steal Baby Freed Without Bail

A mentally challenged woman charged with trying to steal a 1-year-old baby girl at 770 during Simchas Torah last week was released without bail because the case did not get to a grand jury before the legal deadline.

From the NY Daily News:

Chana Alexander, 27, was released without bail at her arraignment Wednesday night because she couldn’t be held any longer without there being an indictment.

Alexander had been held under psychiatric watch since her Oct. 11 arrest, the date of the alleged snatching, sources said.

She finally went before Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Craig Walker on Wednesday night.

“The family lives in France and were here on holiday. They were unable to testify in the grand jury due to travel plans, but we are still pursuing the case,” said Helen Peterson, a spokeswoman for the Brooklyn District Attorney. “We asked that the defendant be remanded for a psychiatric evaluation, but the court declined that request.”

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  • 1. Concerned Parent wrote:

    I don’t mean this in a bad way, but can we get a picture of her so others can be aware if they see her. She should also have a refuah shliema, mental illness is very tough to deal with.

  • 2. shlomo wrote:

    seems to me police should arrest mother that live kid unattended, but they escape to France)))

  • 3. so scary! wrote:

    Im so glad you posted the name. She wanted to babysit for me and I wasn’t able to get a hold of her references so I did not hire her. but some others might hire her without a reference… so again thank you for posting her name so we can all be aware that she should not be around children!!

  • 4. to shlomo wrote:

    The mother was right there and ran after her and caught her.
    It is a sad story. May Chana get the proper help she needs. she was once a very good girl.
    Who needs help.


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