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Son of Russian Chief Rabbi Moves to Annexed Crimea

Rabbi Yechezkel Lazar, son of Russia’s Chief Rabbi and senior Chabad-Lubavitch emissary Rabbi Berel Lazar, has moved to — and intends to lead the Jewish community of — Simferopol, capital of the Republic of Crimea, which was forcibly annexed from Ukraine by the Russian military in 2014.

From the Jewish Press:

“Our goals are not political but spiritual,” Rabbi Lazar Jr. stated. “In Simferopol and Crimea there are Jews, and they need to organize their life as a community. I have friends in the US, and in Ukraine, and they understand it. We understand that the situation in Crimea is complicated.”

“In order to dispel the darkness we need to light a candle,” Rabbi Yehezkel Lazar said, noting that it’s “impossible to break the dark with sticks.”

Asked if the world Chabad movement might not suffer repercussions from his move which cannot but be perceived as an expression of support for the Russian annexation of Crimea, Rabbi Yehezkel Lazar admitted he “hadn’t thought of that. The future is in the hands of the Almighty. We hope that everyone understands that we have no political goals […] but if there are any difficulties – we are ready, because we didn’t come here to relax but to work to help the Jews. If we wanted an easy life, we would have remained in America or Israel, where everything is good.”

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  • 2. WOW! wrote:

    Simferopol is coming back alive!!! I’ve been there twice in the summer with Rabbi & Mrs. Leah Lipsycs!!!! They were incredible & did an outstanding JOB!!!! Much Hatzlocho to the new Shluchim!

    • 3. Anonymous wrote:

      except these shluchim are not the rebbes shluchim, Rabbi Lipszyc is the rebbes shliach to the Crimea, and as such, any shluchim would have to be authorized by him

  • 6. hasogas gvul. wrote:

    The Lipszyc family were sent by the rebbe and the rebbe was very firm that you cannot go into a shliachs territory with out their permition.

  • 7. Wow wrote:

    I believe r. Lipszyc hasn’t been there since annexation due to some issues he had with his paperwork. How amazing that someone can actually work with community in meantime!

    • 8. get the facts right. wrote:

      he was denied reentry because Lazar arranged that. He has been working from the USA and has been constantly sending bochurim there to run the programs.
      Lazar keeps getting them kicked out of the country.

  • 10. anonymous wrote:

    So they orchestrate the removal of real shluchim so they can bring their own children. So sad for the Rebbe who would never say yes to something as corrupt as this! Shame on you!

  • 11. shlomo wrote:

    annexed? returned home.
    why we need involved in political games and especially why support a worse amaleck country in history ucraine?


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