Sydney Welcomes Six New Rabbinical Students

Six new Bochurim have arrived to a new Smicha (Rabbinical Course) program which will take place at the Tzemach Tzedek Community Centre, Sydney that begins after the festival of Sukkos.

The six students from around the world will join together with other students from Sydney to complete a Rabbinical Course over the next year. Rabbi Avrohom Perlow together with Rabbi Berel Light and Rabbi Yehoshua Blasenstein will head up the program.

Elchonan Bartfield, Mayer Brook, Dovber Chriqui, Mendel Duchman, Mendel Gurkov and Eliezer Shur, received a warm welcome including dancing at the International airport by some of the high school boys from Kesser Torah College who will also be part of an after school program throughout the year.

Shimon Joseph one of the coordinators of the program said “This is a very exciting time for The Tzemach Tzedek Community as well as the broader Sydney Community”..”Besides the studying they will be doing everyday they will be involved in after school programs, nightly learning programs, communal events and more”

Mendel Gurkov added “we are very excited to be part of the new smicha program in Sydney. We are looking forward to meeting the community over Sukkos and setting up many shiurim with everyone”

An official welcoming will take place in a month for the wider community.

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