Mesivta Students Glimpse Rebeiim’s Shofars

Since the beginning of the school year, Shiur Beis in Oholei Torah Mesivta learned the halochos and minhagim of Shofar. Being that many of the bochurim will be active in Mivtza Shofer over Rosh Hashona, it was most important for them to know all the details pertaining to tekiyas Shofar.

Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm, menahel, oversaw this project, and personally tested the bochurim. The Magidei Shiurim were Rabbi Levin and Rabbi Schnuer.

Just days before Rosh Hashona, the bochurim were rewarded for their efforts, in a most meaningful and inspiring way. Rabbi Moshe Klein, who has the zechus to be the Ba’al Tekoya in the Rebbe’s room, came to meet and test the bochurim.

During the testing, Rabbi Klein was visibly impressed at the deep understanding and how well the bochurim knew the halochas.

Rabbi Klein brought with him 5 shofars belonging to the Rebbe Maharash, the Friedikeh Rebbe, Reb Levi Yitzchok –  the Rebbe’s father – and two shofars that belonged to the Rebbe.

Rabbi Klein described in detail the Rebbe’s hanhogas during tekiyas shofar, and also brought with him the cloth napkin, tichel, that the Rebbe used during tekiyos.

The bochurim were most intrigued, and went away inspired and feeling even more connected as proud young chassidim.

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