‘Banned’ Bar Mitzvah Boy Gets Proper Celebration

Dozens of Israelis, upon hearing about the sad story of a 13-year-old boy whose teacher told his classmates not to attend his bar mitzvah party, showed up to another one thrown for him at the Western Wall by the Chabad Youth Movement.

From Jerusalem Online:

After Channel 2 News reported earlier this week that a 13-year-old boy’s teacher had told his classmates not to attend his bar mitzvah celebration because of an ongoing dispute with his parents, the boy’s family received dozens of calls from citizens, including the Chabad Youth movement, who wanted to throw him the party he deserved.

The boy was thrown a big bar mitzvah party at the Western Wall on Monday, where he was surrounded by his family members and members of the Chabad Youth movement led by Rabbi Menachem Kutner.

“I was very happy to see that there are still good people, and that we were able to put a smile on my son’s face,” said the boy’s father.

He added that he has complained to the school management and the Ministry of Education about his son’s teacher several times, but nothing has been done so far.


  • 1. ov wrote:

    sinas chinam? How can that be.
    how painful.
    so happy that the boy got a great Barmitzva, wishing him all the best. and please HaShem, help us stay away from hate and toxic kavanos.

  • 3. Ch'er wrote:

    That teacher should be fired immediately. Maybe even sued for multiple reasons. How disgraceful erev Rosh Hashana for a teacher to do that. Slap him up.

  • 4. DrumIntellect wrote:

    It makes no sense, so it’s best not to make any assumptions about anyone involved.

  • 5. Larry wrote:

    What a sick human being the language I want to use i’m using it I just can’t post it

  • 6. Chutzpah of the teacher wrote:

    Is there a reason the teacher said that?
    And also its a big chutzpah he said that!!! Unbelievable!!
    He should get fired or give an explanation of why he said it!! ANd even if he does give a reason, it dosent excuse him form telling a class not to go to a boys bar mitzvah!!!
    I hope maybe one day the teacher apologizes.

  • 7. I'm not sure wrote:

    I read comments from parents in the class that things didn’t happen as stated. But regardless, a boy should have friends at his BM. Glad he is happy.


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