‘Animal Rights’ Activists Sue Again to Stop Kapporos

An “animal-rights” group that lost a Federal lawsuit against Chabad of Irivine, California, over the pre-Yom Kippur ritual of Kapporos in a landmark ruling earlier this year, is at it once again — this time suing the Irvine Police Department for not enforcing animal cruelty laws by allowing the practice to continue.

From the JTA:

It is the second attempt in recent years by the San Diego-based Animal Protection and Rescue League to halt the ceremony.

The lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in Santa Ana name both the Irvine police and the Los Angeles Police Department, saying that they protect the “illegal killing of animals” by not cracking down on the kapparot ceremonies, the Orange County Register reported.

A lawsuit filed by the group against Chabad in 2015 on the basis of animal cruelty said that the chickens are crammed tightly into cages and mishandled, and are disposed of and not used for food.

A federal judge in May dismissed a lawsuit filed on behalf of the Virginia-based United Poultry Concerns claiming that the practice violates the state’s unfair competition law.

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  • 1. animals good, humans bad wrote:

    The vast majority of these leftists who are so concerned for the poor animals, viciously support abortion. ‘Nuf said.

    • 2. just another jew wrote:

      calling someone a leftist seems ignorant.

      how do you know and what is it of your business other people’s views on “abortion” or anything else.

      signing ‘Nuf said ………. well, i won’t comment any further.

      i hope that you feel better and PLEASE get over yourself…….

      Shabbos is coming …..be well ….Shabbot Shalom

  • 3. shg wrote:

    in some fairness, I will say that although people call these kids anti-semites, I think that other people who are anti semites sort of guided them our way.
    We need to educate our own people how to answer them (da ma l’hashiv) and we need to know how to debate with them if the occasion comes up.

  • 4. shg wrote:

    tell them that even Temple Grandon , an American professor of animal science at Colorado State University, consultant to the livestock industry on animal behavior, and autism spokesperson.tried to be vegan and didnt feel well, so she had to go back to eating meat and poultry.
    Those people need a license to practice their beliefs, so that they can learn to do it properly. This is just silly, they don’t really know the entire picture of this situation.

  • 5. RCL wrote:

    What a bunch of idiots…
    Big sign says “chicks need their mothers”.
    We are killing the babies not the mothers you ignorant antisemite putz.

  • 6. Yakov Kirschenbaum wrote:


    We should do kaporos with the protesters! (Minus the shechita, of course)

  • 7. Meir wrote:

    Did they or did they not YET protest next to lobster-house restaurants? I’ll bet not. This isn’t about chickens – it’s about attacking Judaism.

    • 8. Chaim wrote:

      Unfortunately, this is the case with all the groups, from without or even (sadly) from within, who come up with various ideas, and it’s all in the name of “saving our children”.

      One example in a group who pretends their mission is only to teach Hasidic kids basic English*, but the more they write and speak, the more you see that they have a darker agenda, like you said it’s it’s about attacking Judaism.

      * which I think is a great idea. Only I don’t trust these specific people.

  • 10. Zalmen from the schuneh wrote:

    I agree with them. Sadly these days kaporos is done with a lot of torture to the chickens.
    Doing it on money this year

  • 11. Let them go 2 wrote:

    Let’s see these Big Moron Losers have the guts to go to places like Wb (Williamsburg), Skver (New Square) & KY (Kiryas Yoel, Monroe) & protest over there, they will never do it, u know why ? Bec they know their behinds will be kicked out of there so fast they won’t be able to even blink, they know they will be physically attacked if they try anything stupid over there, so it’s easy for them to go to Irvine or Los Angeles & protest, Hey Losers try going to Skver or Kiryas Yoel & protest animal cruelty over there see how they will welcome you with amazing greetings, that’s the point they know already to stay away from there, but hey it would be funny if some would give them the address to Skver or KY & tell them to protest there & just watch & see how they get their behinds whipped, it would be hilarious

  • 12. Enough wrote:

    Because there aren’t hundreds of thousands of people who just went through and are still going through suffering from Harvey and Irma to devote the energy to. This is a mental illness by sick people.

  • 13. The kangeroo wrote:

    It not what they do or do not do.It is the custom of kapuros as practiced now.In the old home in Europe or the times of talmud a family slaughterd fowl and ate it. Now it is a mass production I do not think that all the chickens get consumed probably quite a few are dumped. The leading Rabbis should deal with that.

  • 14. 2245w wrote:

    they know they can pick on Jews, its easy. Let them start on big non Jewish chains like McDonalldes and then we will see them be brave.

  • 15. oren wrote:

    look at the guy in the picture with the green shirt. He looks more like he’s got a fun challenge.
    this is not about the ideal of animals, its about them having a challenge. they are just sissies.
    but true on the other hand, that our kapores should be done more carfully

  • 16. To #12 wrote:

    I really don’t understand your comment, what is the connection bet there not being hundreds of thousands who didn’t go through Harvey & Irma have to do with these protests who are mentally sick ppl your connection really seems off, the point I’m making is no one really understands the point that your trying to make bec whatever your connecting doesn’t make sense, would you please explain yourself, one thing has nothing to do with the other, ty

  • 17. To #13 wrote:

    Yes I have seen a lot of the chickens on the President St 1 throw away a lot of the chickens, on EP the chickens go to Hadar HaTorah & it’s enough to last till Pesach, it put in a freezer & B”H it’s not going to waste, the issue is on EY”K (Erev Yom Kippur) there isn’t enough time to do the Melicha & preparing the chickens, so a lot & I mean a lot & I’ve seen it myself bags & bags are just tossed into the city Dumpsters, it’s very very sad there are ppl out there who really need it, maybe we could set up a program that these chickens should go to ppl who need them for Sukkos especially this year it’s a 3 day Y”T, 2 days Y”T then goes straight into Shabbos, the community needs to work something out, in addition to this I remember when there was only 1 Kaporos, it is so sad that the community is split bec of Mishichist politics, can’t we all just get along, this is against the Rebbe’s wishes, there should be unity amongst us

  • 18. To : 2245w #14 wrote:

    1st it’s spelled McDonald’s not McDonalldes, we need to learn how to spell correctly in the comments section, most laptops, smartphones & tablets have auto spell, it comes up automatically, the main point I want to get to is yes #14 has a very valid point, if they are so worried & concerned about animal cruelty, they should be going down to the non kosher slaughter houses & see how these animals are tortured, abused, pained, the list goes on, why aren’t they going to these slaughter houses & filing law suits against them, they are doing more animal cruelty than Frum Kosher Slaughter Houses, Shchita is the most humane way of killing the animal, it feels no pain, so the next time you see these Losers protesting @ Kaporos u tell them to go to “All” & I mean “All” of the “Non Kosher Slaughter Houses in the US & fight them with law suits, judges, lawyers, prosecutions & everyway possible to shut them down, why do these Losers only focus on Chareidisheh Yidden, they need to get a Life & pick their battles. Ty


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