Chabad on Campus Prepares for ‘Hurricane Shabbat’

As it becomes more likely that Hurricane Irma will make landfall in Florida and other southeastern states over Shabbos, the Chabad on Campus centers in those areas are mobilizing their resources to meet the needs of Jewish students on their campuses.

In a conference call coordinated by Chabad on Campus International, Shluchim created a plan of action for hosting students this Shabbos, now dubbed “Hurricane Shabbat”, and activated an online registry where students can check-in and note where they will be riding out the storm.

Chabad on Campus representatives will follow up with those students after the storm and try to coordinate assistance if necessary.

Students can also register to volunteer for the post-storm Chabad on Campus Relief effort if needed.

In a message sent out to students, Chabad on Campus International wrote:

“Hurricane Irma is approaching. We are busy preparing for the worst and hoping for the best! Chabad on Campus Centers (not in mandatory evacuation zones) will be open for Shabbat. Please reach out to your Rabbi or Rebbetzin to let them know you are coming. If you left Florida, please be in touch. No matter where you are, Chabad on Campus has a delicious Shabbat dinner waiting for you. Stay safe!”

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