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Miami High-Schoolers to Start Year in New Building

From by Faygie Levy Holt:

When students return on Aug. 29 to the Lubavitch Educational Center in Miami, a good number of them will be trekking a little farther to school, settling into a new facility.

Girls from the Beis Chana High School, a division of the Lubavitch Educational Center, will be housed in a 48,681-square-foot building purchased by the center earlier this year at the cost of some $5 million. The new building sits in an office park a mile from the school’s current campus and was previously used by a for-profit college.

According to Rabbi Benzion Korf, the educational center’s headmaster, it was an absolute necessity for the 50-year-old school.

“There was simply no more room,” he states. “Thank G‑d, every year we add about 100 more students, and we have literally used every drop of space we have.”

Nearly 1,500 children from across the Jewish community attend the Lubavitch Educational Center, which includes separate preschool and first-grade programs; separate boys’ and girls’ elementary schools; and Beis Chana High School for Girls and Klurman Mesivta High School for Boys.

In addition to a full curriculum of Hebrew and Jewish-studies classes, students receive comprehensive instruction in language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. The emphasis is on discovering, nurturing and challenging each child’s latent potential, according to the school.

The boys’ high school is already at a different Miami Beach location, which also houses a post-high school program for rabbinical students.

For the current year, only Beis Chana will be situated in the new building. The goal is for girls in both the elementary and high schools to be there for the 2018-19 academic year.


  • 1. Miami wrote:

    No tuition crisis here! And the cost of living is 1/2 of CH, if not less. And…. It doesn’t snow! So, you can spend 10 minutes crafting a witty and/or kvetchy response to the latest article on tuition issues/solutions, or you can call someone in South Florida to see if the solution lies down south.

  • 3. miami education is good wrote:

    rabbi benjy korf has done an amazing job

    many communities are available to live in and even NMB is finally finishing the ten years shul project

  • 4. Kivis wrote:

    Welcome to Coral Springs; Chinuch, mikvehs, 4 shuls, plenty of houses in the $350k range.


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