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Early Morning Chasidus Shiur Marks Two Years

Dozens of members of the Lubavitch community in Toronto celebrated the 2-year anniversary of their early-morning Chasidus Shiur, which takes place every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:20am – rain, snow or shine.

The organizer of the Shiur, Rabbi Yirmi Cohen, said “at 6:20 am, to have over 15 married men show up, is so heartwarming. I’m sure that the Rebbe is shepping Nachas.”

“I need to do a lot of nudging, reminding, texting, emailing, phone calling, and yes, even bring warm delicious, sizzling Pastries. But when you see such a crowd at the early hour of 6:20 am, thirsty to learn the Rebbe’s beautiful Maamarim, it’s so fulfilling,” he told

Rabbi Cohen wants to personally thank Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Akiva Wagner for always giving a “geshmake” shiur with dedication, Schlepping through the freezing snow of Toronto to give it – even the morning after his wife gave birth!


  • 2. remember wrote:

    Remember to Thank Akivas wife!!!
    As the 1st Akiva said:
    “What is mine and what is yours is because of her”

  • 5. Montreal More Than 10 Years wrote:

    Check Out Montreal. 6:40 am Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and Friday – no pastries. A great shiur given by Hamashpia Harav Tzvi Hirsh Gurary.

  • 6. Anonymous wrote:

    Thank you Rabbi Yirmy Cohen for all the hard work that go’s in to this wonderful program.


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