Israeli Minister of Culture Visits the Ohel

The Israeli Minister of Culture, Mrs. Miri Regev, along with Knesset Member Mr. Yaakov Peri, began their visit to the United States by paying a visit to the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s Ohel in Queens.

During their one-and-a-half hour visit, they were welcomed in the Ohel’s hospitality room, where they watched videos of the Rebbe and learned about his teachings. Afterwards they entered the Ohel and prayed on behalf of the people of Israel.

The ministers were accompanied by Rabbinical students Moshe Wolff and Mendel Eisenbach.


  • 1. It's great to see wrote:

    This amazing that the 1st stop of these Isreali Officials is the Rebbe’s Ohel, it shows that they care about what the Matzav is in Eretz HaKodesh & they know going to the Rebbe that the Rebbe will beseech Almighty G-d, this shows & demonstrates the utmost respect for Yiddishkeit & the Rebbe, that they know this is the 1st place to go, there is nothing greater than this for ppl who aren’t Frum, this is a Great thing, thank u for sharing this news.


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