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So Long: Rapper Dedicates New Song to the Rebbe

In honor of Gimmel Tammuz, Chasidic rapper Nosson Zand released a new song dedicated to the Rebbe. “I want to share this song with others who might relate to the journey of been fortunate enough to find the Rebbe, and throughout the ups and downs of life making one’s way back to him,” he said.


  • 3. iacov wrote:

    Nosson Zand, you inspire us all.
    May you continue with your work bringing kedusha to the world in your own way.

    a groysse shkoyach

  • 6. a mother wrote:

    I can’t believe this is what our music is coming to. The words are nice, but chassidim don’t rapp

    • 8. Another mother wrote:

      Who are you to decide what chassidim do or don’t do? People used to say Jews don’t ask other Jews to do a mitzvah. I know Nosson for years. He has taken to heart the Rebbe’s teaching to use a talent for a good purpose. If you aren’t a fan, don’t listen. Perhaps his music is not for you or your children, but for many others. Nosson has a close relationship with many shluchim and his mashpiah, who is a well-respected shliach of the Rebbe and his music has been encouraged for years by much of Lubavitch. Welcome the diversity, and think long and hard before saying something that might push dedicated baalei teshuva away.

    • 9. Whatever wrote:

      this is jewish music that is jewish cause the singer is a jew and dedicates it to the Rebbe. It Jewish cause I say so music. Op is correct.

      It isn’t assur but it isn’t holy either let’s stop pretending. I am baal teshuva and I love basketball and I dedicate every 3 to to the Rebbe.

    • 10. BT wrote:

      I find it hilarious that people hold themselves in such high regard to assess what is Holy and what is not. I don’t think he claims to be in the category of Avrohom Frieds etc. but your basketball is a lame mushel and it smacks of sinas chinam. Nosson is a slam dunk. Nosson is clearly talking about teshuva in this song. I call a foul on your offense, fellow BT. His music has B”H uplifted me to a holier place through tough times. You just make me feel golus

    • 11. FFB wrote:

      Shkoyaaach Reb whatever! Thank you for letting us know Nosson’s music is not assur! Can you please provide your direct line so we can ask you how you hold about a wide range of other issues?


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