Gathering Recites Tehillim at Dovid Hamelech’s Kever

It has already become a yearly tradition of the Worldwide Chevra Tehillim to gather on Isru Chag of Shavuos at the resting place of Dovid Hamelech, the composer of the book of Tehillim. This year too, the convention and seudas mitzvah took place in the Old City of Yerushalaim at Kever Dovid, in honor of his yohrtzeit which is on the second day of Shavuos.

The Worldwide Chevra Tehillim was founded exactly seventy five years ago, by the Frierdiker Rebbe. Its foundation was one of many steps that the Frierdiker Rebbe took to help the plight of the Jewish People during the terrible time of the Holocaust when so much Jewish blood was shed and entire communities were destroyed.

It is awe inspiring to read and reread the letter that the Freirdiker Rebbe wrote then: “with their prayers, and the praises of Dovid Hamelech, they will protect the Jewish people and will bring about the victory of justice and righteousness, thus easing the pangs of Moshiach”.

Twenty seven years ago, in 5750, our Rebbe renewed this institution by requesting from the administration of Kolel Chabad to reinstate the practice of the Chevra Tehillim for the benefit of the Jewish People. Since then there is a regular minyan of Chasidim and wonderful Yerushalmi Jews who get together daily to recite the entire book of Tehillim and pray for all those who are in need of a yeshua.

The annual convention took place in a hall right beside the resting place of Dovid HaMelech a”h. In attendance were Rabbi Zev Dov Slonim shlit”a of the Beis Din in Yerushalaim, the Mashpia Rabbi Tuvia Zilbershtrom, Rabbi Moshe Tzvi Heilperin – who continues his father’s tradition in Yerushalaim (Rabbi Shmuel Elozor Heilperin O.B.M), and Rabbi Moshe Shmuel Deutch, representative of the Kolel Chabad administration and director of Chevra Tehillim.

The many speakers extolled the great zchus of the members of the Worldwide Chevra Tehillim, as well as the distinguished organizer, Rabbi Efraim Prus, who gather daily, rain or shine, to recite Tehillim for the entire Jewish nation. Special thanks were given to Rabbi Shmuel Mendelson for his all his help in arranging this gathering.


  • 1. Milhouse wrote:

    The place is called “Kever David”, and it is hallowed by the tehillim that yidden have said there for centuries, but it is not “the resting place of Dovid Hamelech”. There is no doubt whatsoever that wherever Dovid’s remains are, they are not there.

    First of all, it’s an explicit posuk that he was buried in Ir David (yes, inside the city), which is the ridge south of Har Habayis going down along Nachal Kidron towards the Shiloach, and is nowhere near “kever Dovid”. Second it’s an explicit mishneh that his grave vents into Nachal Kidron. Third, he’s not even in his real kever; that kever has been found, and it was empty. At some point in the last 2500 years his remains were removed by robbers or animals and nobody knows where they are now, but certainly nobody would have had any reason to transport them and rebury them in the place that would much later come to be called by his name.

    So what is Kever Dovid’s status? It’s a shul, a place where buckets of Jewish tears have been shed, and hundreds of thousands of kapitlach tehillim have been said, and that makes it holy.

  • 2. #1 wrote:

    Please do some research before haking a cheinik! Yes there are some​ who argue about it, but according to most gedoilei yisroel, (pretty sure there’s something from the frierdike rebbe about it as well) this IS kever Dovid hamelech.


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