First Ever Synagogue Opens Doors in Forsyth

Since its founding in 1831, Forsyth County, located north of Atlanta, Georgia, did not have a dedicated synagogue for its Jewish residents to pray and gather in. This all changed last week, when Chabad of Forsyth, directed by Rabbi Levi Mentz, opened the doors of its brand new center in the town of Cumming.

from the Forsyth County News:

Forsyth County, as big as it has grown, often boasts its community feel. Schools aim to create a sense of comradery and trust. Cumming residents have known each other for years, often their whole lives.

Residents move to the area because it’s not as bustling as Atlanta. That small-town community feel can still be found.

One group of people has never had a place to call their own, a place to gather their community. Jewish residents have never been able to attend a synagogue in their own county.

“I love Forsyth County. It’s a great place to have a wife, to have kids, to have grandkids,” said Scott Cooper, a neurologist at Northside Hospital-Forsyth, as he stood on the steps of what recently became the first-ever Jewish place of worship in Forsyth County. “One thing that has always been lacking is a place where I can worship.”

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