Principals and Released Time Gearing Up for Parade

Parade organizers met with Crown Heights school principals and the Released Time bochurim this week, discussing plans to ensure this year’s Parade is a resounding success.

Close to 200 bochurim from 770 and Chovevei Torah travel to Public Schools in the NY area each week, teaching children Alef-Beis and the basics of Judaism. For many of these children, the Lag B’omer Parade is the biggest Jewish event they will ever attend.

“The Rebbe specifically instructed that the Parades be on Sunday so the Public-School children would be able to attend,” said Rabbi Shimon Hecht, Parade chairman. “This year we hope to encourage as many Public-School children as we can to join the Parade”.

As the finishing touches to the Parade are being put in place, Parade organizers met with Crown Heights school heads to go over the Parade schedule and discuss the schoolchildren’s involvement.

Registration to the Parade is now open. For more information or to book your seat, visit

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