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Suddenly They Don’t Have a Mother ​

An unbelievable tragedy..

7 orphans suddenly lost their mother. Their mother who woke them up in the morning with a smile, and hugged them when they came back from kindergarten. Their mother with whom they would share their struggles and successes. Their mother who would cook, wash the laundry and run the house both physically and spiritually. Their mother who was their entire world.

A young and healthy woman who went in for a brief minor surgery and never came home. A Shlucha that was devoted to her Shlichus and her family – and will not merit to marry off her children. An unfathomable tragedy.

Mrs. Rochel Kelman, OBM, a member of the Chabad community in Migdal Ha’emek and a Shlucha in the nearby Kibbutz Yifat, passed away suddenly last week at the young age of 44.

Rochel A”H was a talented and energetic woman. Her job as a dedicated teacher provided the family’s primary income.

Now, in addition to the deep pain of her widowed husband and orphaned children, her family is faced with a financial burden that is too heavy for them to bear.

It is our responsibility as fellow Chassidim to unite on behalf of the Kelman family and help them generously. Together we can lighten at least some of this burden for them.

A 24 hour campaign was launched to help the family, with the goal of raising 700,000 ₪, a sum that will give the family security and hope.

Now is the time for Anash to take action and unite on behalf of this precious family, because Chassidim are one family!

Donate generously and participate in this great Mitzvah! Visit

Credit card donations will be processed by Kollel Chabad.

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