Students Who Vandalized Chabad Menorah Apologize

from the San Diego Jewish World:

A pair of students from the University of San Diego admitted on Thursday that they had pulled down a lower branch of a 13-foot high menorah at the Chabad House at San Diego State University, apologized to Chabad Rabbi Chalom Boudjnah, and agreed to pay for the damages and to perform community service with Chabad.

In return, Rabbi Boudjnah agreed not to press charges against the two 18-year-old students nor to release their names.

Boudjnah told San Diego Jewish World that replacing the menorah could run up to $4,000, while repairing it possibly could run less.  He said that when the students did pull-ups on the menorah early Friday morning, March 24, they not only caused the lower branch to become severed from the rest of the menorah but also ruined the electrical system by which the menorah is lit.  The lower branch of the menorah was temporarily replaced on Sunday, March 26, by volunteers.

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