‘The Niggun Came to Me Out of the Blue’

Veteran Baal Menagen Rabbi Sholom Brochstat was walking along President Street towards 770 on a recent morning, when suddenly, out of nowhere, a brand new Niggun came to his lips. He quickly entered a Shul he was passing by, opened a Tehilim to the Rebbe’s new Kapital, and asked a stranger to record him singing it.

The Niggun is set to the words of the Rebbe’s New Kapital Tehillim, 116, which Chasidim will begin reciting on his 115th birthday this Yud Aleph Nissan.

It was later refined by Rabbi Brochstat and recorded in a studio, accompanied by music.

We present to our readers both the original video of the unrefined Niggun shortly after it was composed, along with audio of the final, studio-recorded version.


  • 2. Confer wrote:

    It could only sound like that if you’re color blind and tone deaf…
    A good litmus test for a new Rebbe’s Niggun is as follows:
    Either for real or in your imagination, take a friend at a Chassidishe farbrengen, put your hand on each other’s shoulder and dance and jump to the niggun. If it feels right- you have your new niggun!

  • 3. It's nice and hartzig wrote:

    Todays young people have no appreciation of class.
    How many traditional Chabad noggin would fit “put your hand on each other’s shoulder and dance and jump to the niggun. If it feels right- you have your new niggun!”??
    Keli Atah jump jump? No!
    Daled bavos jump jump? Not at all!
    Would you cv”s scrap them too because they don’t cater to the ants in your pants?
    Grow up a little, and then, hopefully, you can appreciate something with depth.

  • 4. Confer wrote:

    Wow, you sure missed my point. I was telling Post #1 that it is not a sad niggun, especially if you listen to the audio as opposed to the video.
    And in general, you seem to be out of touch with all the Niggunim composed (and accepted) for the Rebbe’s birthday. NONE OF THEM were like Keli Atah or Daled Bovois. ALL OF THEM without exception could be categorized as Niggun Simchah/Rikud. That is the Chabad tradition, and so it should continue!
    The bottom line is that even though #1 impies this niggun is for someone depressed: in the “blues”, it actually does fit the tradition of previous niggunim for 11 Nissan, and is one that we can dance and jump to, to the speedy coming of Moshiach Now!

  • 5. Very nice. wrote:

    Reb Sholom is a tzadik. He composed many Lubavitch niggunim. This one is good too.

  • 8. Anonymous wrote:

    our job is to fulffil the will of the rebbe which is the will of hashem.


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