Video: Learning ‘Chassidus Applied’-Style

On Yud Shevat, Rabbi Jacobson gave a special live “MyLife: Chassidus Applied” talk to students from Yeshivas Achei Temimim of Pittsburgh, visiting Crown Heights for Yud Shevat.  The talk was recorded and is presented below for the larger community of bochurim and anash.

The topics discussed in the hour-long talk addressed the personal and real life issues bochurim face, using answers found in Chassidus. Many questions were posed by the bochurim themselves. The topics included:

  • The relevance of Yud Shevat to you
  • Basi LeGani applied to our lives in simple English
  • The theme of Basi LeGani chapter 7, applied
  • The importance of a Rebbe
  • Practically, how do I have a real connection with the Rebbe after Gimmel Tammuz?
  • Why being Chassidish is “with it”
  • Harnessing the rebellious spirit of youth
  • How to experience yechidus today
  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • How to deal with hardships
  • Dealing with temptation
  • What does it mean to bring down the shechinah, practically?
  • What’s in it for me to be a Chassidishe bochur?
  • MyLife: Essay Contest 2017


The session focused on chapter seven of Basi LeGani, taught according to the “MyLife: Chassidus Applied” methodology, with the goal of demonstrating how the teachings of Chassidus—when approached as a blueprint of the human psyche—address real questions and struggles that bochurim encounter.

With the MyLife: Chassidus Applied Essay Contest now open for submissions, the session was a perfect opportunity to get inspired to submit an original essay applying a concept in Chassidus to a contemporary life issue or challenge—with the chance to win $10,000. For more information, visit

The MyLife: Chassidus Applied Essay Contest is made possible by a grant from the Meromim Foundation.

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