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The Newest Shadchan: Computer Code

Everyone agrees that shidduchim are more challenging in general than they used to be. The ages of singles are going up. People are expressing a lot of frustration with the shidduch system and with being presented shidduchim that have nothing in common with what they are looking for. Shadchanim are well meaning but often very busy. They may not know properly either of the people they are trying to match. And the situation is only getting more difficult and more disappointing for many young people and their parents.

A few enterprising Chabadniks have come up with an innovative way to combat this “Shidduch crisis” – by harnessing the power of math to pair matches through compatibility scoring.

The result is a new website – – which features a 200-long questionnaire that prospective bochurim and girls are invited to answer.

After the questionnaire is submitted, a computer uses an algorithm to convert the given answers into a numerical score. The computer can then use that score to match Bochurim and Girls who show the highest compatibility with each other.

Why is high compatibility important? Because the more compatible a couple is, the greater are the chances of a happy, successful marriage.

The computer checks for many levels of compatibility, from spiritual to physical appearance to character traits, goals etc.  The 200 questions are very detailed and cover all the most important aspects of life.

The project was developed as a service to the community, and is 100% free of charge to use. Everyone is free to register and fill up the questionnaire and then see which shidduchim come up that have high compatibility scores.

Visit to learn more.


  • 1. Wonder? wrote:

    Wonder if most married couples would match each other! Sometimes things seem like a couple would seem incompatible but they could spend a lifetime of years together building their home together. I have not looked at the system but wonder if it really hits at the core of the couples being suitable for each other.

    • 2. Happily married wrote:

      It usually wouldn’t match you. My wife & I filled out the forms when we went on vacation for our 1st anniversary .
      They told us we were 32% compatible.
      After 18 years of marriage, I don’t know!!!!!!!!

  • 3. Moishe pupik wrote:

    the computer can only match what there.Broader education would put it there.

  • 4. Beware wrote:

    This website is incompatible with Apple products…. i.e.: Macs and iPhones.

  • 6. Concerned wrote:

    This seems like a good idea but I did not see any haskamos from any rabbonim on the website. I think a rabbi should look into the “algorithm”. This is too important to leave it in the hands of a computer without some supervision and endorsement by a reputable Rov. And who is Dr. Shimon? When you do not mention his last name?

  • 8. welcome a new opportunity wrote:

    I think we should all welcome every new opportunity to make shidduchim because Hashem has many shluchim for everything. And we can see not everyone finds their match through shadchanim (for many different reasons, including that they are busy and dont have time to delve into details of people and therefore many suggestions are not really compatible). So we should be happy if people are making efforts to facilitate shidduchim. Every effort should be applauded! Let’s just pray more and more successful shidduchim happen because the shidduch crisis is becoming very disheartening.

  • 9. ch resident wrote:

    this needs to be looked into more. this article does not give information, rather promotes the website. Before endorsing it how about some rabbanim get on board to make sure this a kosher and good way for shiduchim to come about.


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