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Guest from Argentina to Highlight Bochurim’s Kinus

With just two weeks left to Yud Shevat, Bochurim around the world are preparing to spend Yud Shvat at the Rebbe’s Ohel and in Crown Heights, learning this year’s Bosi Legani Ma’amorim, and taking on Hachlotos Tovos.

The Vaad Talmidei Hatmimim is working to prepare a full schedule of programming for Yud Shvat and the International Kinus Hatmimim. The Vaad has been working to keep the program inspirational and meaningful while retaining the extraordinary energy and koach that the Temimim feel during this special Kinus.

This year, the Vaad will start programming over Shabbos, Ches Shevat, and continue with special programs on Motzei Shabbos, Sunday and the Kinus itself on Monday evening.

The gathering, which is the largest annual gathering of Lubavitcher bochurim, will feature a keynote address by Rabbi Asher Farkash, Mashpia of Yeshivas Lubavitch in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Rabbi Farkash is well known and respected by his many Mushpa’im, and others, all over the world.

Other special highlights are in the works includes a special video presentation of the Rebbe and a lineup of guest mashpiim that is sure to have every bochur leaving inspired and charged.

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