JNet Chanukah Matchathon: ‘How Far Can It Go’

Tamara K. is a 31-year-old Business Manager from Rolandia, Brazil, who found out about JNet on recent trip to NY. JNet finds suitable study partners for any Jew, anywhere, to study any Jewish subject with an over-the-phone chavrusa once a week free of charge.

“I’m a brazilian Jewish woman who lives in Rolandia, a place where my great grandparents emigrated to from Germany in 1934, at that time there were about 80 Jewish families in the city, but nowadays there are almost no Jewish living here. We have no community nearby nor synagogue. The closest synagogue is 5 hours driving.

As I had no Jewish education, JNet is all I could dream of! I have been studying with an amazing and sweet girl named Tova who lives in Brooklyn but speaks my language. She is always willing to help me and answer any questions I may have. Every lesson I learn something new, It makes me proud to know that when I light the Shabat candles I’m probably the only one at the city bringing us some light! I hope every Jew who is currently living apart or had no Jewish experience have the same opportunity as I had.”

Tamara’s learning was sponsored by Sholom M., a Brooklyn businessman. “I didn’t have the time to commit to actually learning with someone myself and this was a way I could still be part of it,” says Sholom.

Through the partnership of Sholom and donors like him, JNet has been setting up people all over the world, with thousands like Tamara reporting a positive, life-altering experience. Join JNet in its remarkable work and help meet the ever-increasing demand for personalized Torah study.

This Chanukah three additional donors, multiplying every dollar you donate by FOUR, will match all donations to JNet! That means that you can sponsor four JNet study sessions for the price of one!

So, please, take a moment now to visit www.jnet.org/donate and make a donation. Large or small, your gift will help us be able to continue helping Jews like Tamara for whom JNet is a veritable lifeline through which to sustain their connection to Judaism. Help us reach our goal of $144,000! For more information, visit jnet.org or call 718-467-4400.