Chabad Blood Libel Fax Sent to Miami Prosecutor

from WSVN Miami:

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office is investigating anti-Semitic propaganda that was faxed to their office on Friday.

“In Europe before World War II, the Chasidic Jewish group known as Chabad used to kidnap Christian peasant boys and slice off their p****,” the fax reads. “The impoverished Christians of Europe dearly loved their beautiful innocent boys, but the religious Jews viciously mutilated them.”

Five faxes containing the message were sent to the office fax machine of Miami-Dade State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle.

“The message itself is just hateful propaganda,” said Ed Griffith of the state attorney’s office. “The state attorney, as someone who has fought hate crimes, is concerned.”

The message is aimed at Chabad, an Orthodox Jewish movement.

“It’s horrific that, basically, in this day and age, there’s basically a blood libel that people are saying such things, which never happened before, even back then, and they continue in our day and age,” Yitz Baron said.

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  • 1. unfortunately wrote:

    sadly we have among our very own that spread very similar hate crimes against their own brothers.
    They literally make it their life mission to spread poison.. the reason is the same in both cases..
    when one is a failure it’s much easier to blame another (and certainly even better to blame an entire group) for their failure.

  • 2. Milhouse wrote:

    What is there to investigate? The DA knows the accusation is false, but how could it be a crime? What crime could it possibly be? Making a false police report?! It’s not that, because it’s not alleging a crime in this jurisdiction, and doesn’t accuse a specific person, so there’d be nothing for the police to look into even if they were so inclined. What else is there?


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