Photos: Avos Ubanim Begins in Crown Heights

Over 400 fathers and sons attended the first week of the Avos Ubanim Betzalel learning program this past Motzei Shabbos in Crown Heights.

The excitement on the faces of the children as well as on the faces of the fathers was contagious. It was heartwarming to witness the bonding of the boys with their fathers as they spent quality time together.

Incentives and prizes galore with inspiring divrei chizuk topped off this wonderful Motzei Shabbos experience. Avos Ubanim is now closer than ever with seven locations throughout the neighborhood: Frankel’s Shul – 1619 President St., Aguda Shul – 456 Crown St., Eliyohu Nochom – 672 Lefferts Ave., Cong. 935-Chabad – 935 Eastern Parkway, Empire Shteibl – 489 Empire Blvd., 770 Eastern Parkway in the basement and Heichel Halimud Anshei Moshe at 1334 Lincoln Place between Schenectady and Utica.

The Avos Ubanim program is known as Avos Ubanim Betzalel in loving memory of Reb Betzalel Jacobson OBM, dedicated by his son Yerachmiel Jacobson.

This week’s learning was graciously sponsored לעילוי נשמת ר’ צבי בן ר’ וואלף גאיער.

There are several weeks still available to sponsor. Please contact Rabbi Z. Sorkin at 978-384-0770.

A special thanks to Gombo’s for sponsoring the free rugelach every week for all the boys who attend.

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  • 1. Meir wrote:

    I sat an learned gemarah while across from me the gemarah was open but the seat was empty. I have no Tatty to learn with me. But I was at the avos u’banim and kept the chair across from me open for our Tatty in Heaven. He is the only Tatty I have.

    • 2. OMG wrote:

      Streaming down my cheeks are tears of sadness mixed with tears of pride. Your pain is felt. Yet your pure neshoma inspires and illuminates the dark and painful world we live in. It is unclear whether you “don’t have a tatty” due to death or divorce but it is clear that there is a painfully large void – an empty seat. May your void be filled.

  • 4. Crownheightser wrote:

    Meir, I would be honored to fill your “tatty’s seat” whenever you want, as often as you want, for as long as you want. No need to sit across an empty seat! Berl

    • 5. Meir wrote:

      If I can’t have a real tatty, I don’t need a fake tatty.

      I am okay and don’t need help.

      We all have a tatty in heaven and He takes care of me just fine.

      But there are others I know who don’t have a tatty and they really aren’t doing so great.

    • 6. Shaindy wrote:

      Meir, you say that you are ok but believe me – you need help. Your brave talk is a wall built to protect you from dealing with your pain which will surface someday unless you get therapy. Do yourself a favor and let yourself heal.

    • 7. Kop Doktar wrote:

      Shaindy, if Meir says he is okay, how dare you say that he isn’t ok?! Leave him alone. Don’t stick your nose in others business.

  • 8. Mrs. Mom wrote:

    If a child has no tatty – the mommy should be there. Instead of “Avos Ubamin” it should be “Horim Ubamin”. If the mommy is good enough to do homework with him, she is also good enough to attend and learn with him at this program.

  • 11. Remember the fatherless! wrote:

    Comment #1 really tore me up. PLEASE…. not every boy has a father or grandfather to sit and learn with them. If you have girls, or older/younger boys, and you know a child whose father isn’t here, why don’t you take him to Avos Ubanim? Make him feel like everyone else, even for an hour a week. It’s not just a chesed, it’s an investment in a child’s future.

  • 12. It's hard to believe wrote:

    that our mosdos chinuch are not aware and sensitive to this. Please, Hanholei Yeshivos, please respond to this so that there isn’t misconception abounding.

    In response to the mom who thinks that it should be an evening of Horim/Banim, you have a point. It’s true, if the mother is fulfilling the roles of both parents, then she should be the one attending this evening. But as much as this seems to be the right and fair thing to do think of your son. He may not yet be enlightened enough to appreciate it, and he may find himself – wrongly or course – the butt of insensitive comments of his friends. No kid likes to feel that he’s so different, so much as the absence of a father makes him ‘different’, his m other showing up to this will, sad to say, not make him non-different, it’ll only serve to make him different in a different way, a way which the other kids could very conceivably make fun of.

    • 13. Mrs. Mom wrote:

      Sometimes a father cannot attend because of many possible temporary reasons, such as for example, he is out-of-town, sick, at a meeting, sitting shiva etc. If he evening is open to any parent – the Mom could attend on a temporary basis, and likewise, a child who is permanently missing his tatty, can also have his mom attend.

  • 14. Wake up call wrote:

    Mossdos chinuch – ARE YOU LISTENING? There are many “Meir”s in our community and you are insensitive to them! Come up with a solution!


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