Students Protest Chabad on Campus ‘Peace Wall’

Earlier this month, Chabad at McGill University in Montreal hosted an event that soon attracted protesters, including members and supporters of the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) campaign, who tried to block it off and prevent other students from participating.

From the McGill Tribune:

As part of the event, which was called Artists 4 Israel, Chabad McGill erected a section of wall on which participants could paint murals.

According to Eva Chorna, a U1 Science student and member of Chabad’s student board, the event was intended to promote positive messages.

“Basically, what we tried doing with this event [was] we brought a group of artists [who] came to spray paint a mural on which we were promoting a really peaceful and inclusive message for coexistence,” Chorna said.

According to Chorna, the event was designed to bring together people of different backgrounds and political views through a common medium–art. The event was not related to Israeli-Palestinian relations.

“It’s just related to the idea that […] Israel comes to campus with its arms wide open, with the desire to have a conversation about peace, with the desire to engage with students in a meaningful dialogue, in a meaningful conversation,” Chorna said.

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  • 1. Leo de Toot wrote:

    BDS, like so many “liberal” college organizations, is a supporter of free speech provided, of course, that what is said agrees with their intellectually-limited point of view!

    More significant is the high number of Jewish students who support them…

  • 2. Raanan wrote:

    Why is a Chabad Center erecting a “Wall for Israel”? This is not the Rebbe’s idea at all!
    Nowhere does one find the Rebbe doing such a thing. We aren’t “Supportor’s of Israel”, implying that Chabad sides with Israel’s right to commit suicide by giving land to terrorists. (We also don’t support AIPAC, which is one of the original formulators of the Land for Peace idea)
    The theme needs work.

    You need a theme that reflects the Lubavitcher Rebbes feelings on the matter like: “Stop Rewarding Terror With Land”

    The Rebbe sees the Peace agreements as weapons with which to weaken and destroy Israel. This seems to be a poorly understood point. That’s why the Rebbe quotes Jewish Law in Hilchos shabbos 329 in relation to the peace process, which at first glance, doesn’t seem to relate to Camp David: concessions, talks, etc. “When non-Jews come on shabbos to attack a Jewish town on the border of a non-Jewish country”.

    The point brought out there is that there’s a doubt why they are coming to attack. Since there’s a doubt, you go out to fight. Here, the Rebbe says, there’s no doubt about the intent of the other side. Yesterday they were Nazis and today they aren’t any different. That’s one point.

    The next point is that the halacha refers to a city on the border of a non-Jewish country. Israel is so small, only 30 miles wide, that anything you give, even one inch is is putting the interior of the country in danger. The last point is about defending the interior of a non-Jewish country.
    The Rebbe says on this: “How much more so for a Jewish Country in Eretz Yisrael.”

    Use the Rebbe’s theme reflecting these ideas, then you will always have success!


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