Out-of-Control SUV Slams into Manhattan Chabad

From NBC New York:

An out-of-control SUV repeatedly crashed into six others vehicles before barreling into a Chabad Hebrew school after an elderly driver suffered a medical emergency in Manhattan, police said.

It was chaos on East 20th Street in Gramercy Park when the black Jeep seemingly flew out of control Wednesday and hit six other cars.

Police are looking into whether the elderly woman driving the Jeep might have been disoriented from a medical emergency. Witnesses say she kept hitting the gas and then reversing, slamming into cars over, and over, and over again.

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  • 1. Naftali wrote:

    We were very thankful that Boruch hashem no one was hurt despite it being a time when kids are walking around would like to thank rabbi ari Raskin who recently encouraged me recently to have five star premium mezuzuos in all of our mosdos and truly was worth it’s weight in gold I encourage other mosdos and homes to do the same not to be Frugal when it comes to checking and putting up quality mezuzuos
    Kesiva vachasima tova

    • 2. Yeah wrote:

      You really think it was the mezuzos? And had you not had the “five star premium mezuzuos” you’re saying that some child waking around outside would have deserved to get hurt?

    • 3. Ezra wrote:

      Yes, “Yeah,” we think it was the mezuzos, because we as believing Jews know that Hashem runs the world and that we depend on His protection.

      And your second sentence is a strawman and a non-sequitur. Apply that to some other safety measure: if the car had been stopped by bollards, for example, then “had you not had the bollards, you’re saying that some child would have deserved to get hurt”?

      What people “deserve” or not is G-d’s judgment. Our job is to use the resources we have, both material and spiritual, to improve safety, just as it is G-d who determines each person’s finances, yet it is our duty to “make a vessel” for that in the natural world.


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