Chief Rabbi Condemns Harassment of R’ Havlin

From Yeshiva World News:

Chief Rabbi of Israel Rabbi Dovid Lau Shlita has spoken out against the extremists who continue to harass Kiryat Gat Chief Rabbi HaGaon Rav Moshe Havlin Shlita.

The Eida Chareidis has also come out against Rabbi Havlin, a member of the Chabad Beis Din in Eretz Yisrael, for signing an agreement with IDF officials by which Chabad talmidim will have to serve in the IDF after learning in ‘Kvutza’ and yeshiva gedola.

Rav Lau stated “Rabbi Havlin is cruelly attacked. It is the duty of a rav to out and we strengthen his hand and if there are rabbonim who dispute his methodology, there are other ways to show this and certainly, violence is not the way”.

Rabbi Lau concluded “We sent out wishes for a speedy recovery to his rebitzen and we daven that B’ezras Hashem Rav Havlin will continue his avodas kodesh, Kiddush Hashem and spreading Torah.”


  • 2. Avraham Shimon wrote:

    The whole “Army Thing” with the Chareidim is a joke, I spoke 2 a few isrealis, they say it’s only to scare the Chareidim into Serving in the army !! Do u know what it would cost 2 change over their kitchens 2 make it up 2 the Kashrus that Frum ppl want ? It would cost them Millions & Millions of Dollars which isn’t worth their $$$, deep down they don’t want or need the Chareidim, it’s just 2 make noise & a scare, it’s nothing serious, they are taking it too seriously, let’s move on with life, I’m telling u, even if these Lubavitch Bachurim go 2 the army, after 2 /3 days they will tell them “go home, it’s not for you” it’s just a spook, that’s all.

  • 3. To comment #3 wrote:

    Yes, I agree with u, it’s only a spook & scare, they really don’t “Want & Need” the Chareidim, seriously, they are taking it too seriously, let’s be honest here, how many stories in the last 3 years, since this whole spook has been going on, did you hear of Chareidim serving in the army, I’m talking thousands of frum ppl, the Answer is Jack, Ziltch, Nothing, we have never heard any stories of any Chareidim weather Chassidish or Litfish serving in the Isreali Army, y would hear it on the frum websites, like Arutz Sheva or something, the title would be something like “10,000 Frum ppl ages 24 – 27 started serving in the Isreali Army” it never happened, this whole thing started 3 years ago, & nothing happened, so yes it’s 1 big game they are playing, stop believing the Isreali Army & Gov. Thank u

  • 4. Give me a Break wrote:

    To Rabbi Havlin, you could sign an agreement with the Isreali Army, but deep down let’s not fool ourselves, you know it’s never gona happen, what, do you honestly thing the Isreali Army is gona wake up 1 morning & say “ok we areally going to the Lubavitch community in Rechovot, Beer Sheva, Ashdod, Netanya, Kiryat Malachi & Yerushalayim & we are gona knock on every door & say hey its your turn to come down to the army, your coming with us” do u honestly believe this garbage, give me a break, between you & me, you know its never gona happen, even if they tried 2 do it in 2 weeks or 3 it’s never gona happen, let’s not fool ourselves, so yes Rabbi Havlin could sign an agreement from today till tomorrow, we know it’s never gona happen & that’s the Darn Truth !!

  • 5. Moshe Eliyahu wrote:

    I agree with Rabbi Lau, yes it is not the way of the Torah to go & do what those Monsters did to both Rabbi Havlin & his wife, by breaking into his house the way they did, but as other commens in previous articles on CH info regarding this wrote, that either they should move to Williamsburg, Kiryas Yoel or Monsey, that’s their best bet as stated before that most probably over 85% that Satmar would sponsor these Chareidim to come live in the US no question, but as other previous comments on this specific article wrote that, lets be honest with ourselves, in the past 3 years since the Isreali gov has started talking about the Chareidim going to the army, how many stories have we heard of a group of thousands of Chareidim going to the army & serving a full term whatever that is, the answer is never, on all the frum websites we would have heard & read about it, it never happened, that’s the honest truth, & it will, so to these Morons who barged into Rabbi Havlins house you are Monsters & Trash, don’t you realize that its all a Hoax, Spook & Scare about the Army, the is no issue about it, they will never go & even if they do, like #2 said they will go for 2 / 3 days & then send them home, the army isn’t for Chareidim, & I can’t believe that Rabbi Havlin is falling into this stupid trap of the Isreali army, it never happened & never will, & even if lets say, that maybe they do, like I said before they won’t last very long, so to all Frum Yidden in the Holy Land remember this is a Hoax, Scare & Spook about going to the Army, it will never happen especially with the level of Kashrut that they want it will take Millions & Millions of dollars to change over & its not worth the time & money for them.

  • 6. It's Getting Rediculous wrote:

    Seriously, we need 2 move on ppl, it’s getting Moronic with the whole army thing, Rabbi Havlin, it’s never gona happen that these Bachurim are gona serve in the Army, you must realize that, even with all your signed paper agreements, it doesn’t mean anything, these young men will never be picked up by the army, plz stop this non sense of signing papers, you know its not serious & its 1 big joke, the Isreali Army is laughing at you & having a great time at your expense, please realize that this will never come to fruition, it’s time to get realistic & realize this is one big crazy thing that is going on, the Isreali Army doesn’t want the Chareidim & the Chareidim don’t want them, Thank u

  • 7. Even Rabbi Askenazzi didn't sign wrote:

    Remember Rabbi Havlin also Paskined against Harav Shvei In the Zabla case

  • 8. to #7 wrote:

    What does Rabbi Havlin Paskening against Rav Schwei have anything to do with the issue of signing an agreement with the Isreali army ? plz explain your point, right here we are focusing on the fact that he signed an agreement with the Isreali Military, which no other Lubavitch Dayanim from Eretz HaKodesh agrees with, he went ahead & did his own thing, he had no right to do that, that is the issue here, we just have to wait an see if this will really happen, again I doubt that they will be drafted anyway, like comments #5 & #6 wrote, Highly Unlikely, that it will ever happen. I agree with both comments 5 & 6, this whole thing is 1 big Joke & Game.

  • 9. to #7 wrote:

    Rabbi Havlin paskening against Rabbi Schwei in the Zabla Beis Din is a Bklyn case, has nothing to do with the Isreali Army “drafting Lubavitcher Bachurim” apparently you think there is a connection, please what is the connection between the 2, if you could please explain, that would really be great, Rabbi Schwei lives in Bklyn not Isreal, that’s why it would really be nice if you could plz explain the connection, thank u

  • 10. Ride on the Sunday Morning Train out of Kfar Chabad wrote:

    And tell us if our Tmimim / yungeleit serve in the army or not. Those who went to kvutza and signed (before this new pact) were drafted the second they arrived home. Never heard of any who were released.

    The fact is that until the first kvutza after Gimmel Tamuz needed a release our yungeleit served when reaching a certain age and finishing 2 years of Kolle. Our blood is not thicker than anyone else’s. That was the The Rebbe’s rotzon and everyone (almost) complied. And it was very difficult, but doable. And those months in the army were used for mivtzoim etc.
    This new agreement is the sad outcome of the genius who wreaked havoc after Gimmel Tamuz. The Roshei Yeshivos who signed didn’t invent the wheel- and the Tmimim will all (hopefully) be married by 26 and after two years of Kollel. So what’s all the noise about?

  • 11. To #10 wrote:

    Do u have proof to what your saying ? Could u bring an article from any Frum or Non Frum website to back up what your saying, acc to you, your saying that even before this agreement Bachurim were signing up for the army 22 1/2 years ago, never heard of it, & that was before the internet, could u plz copy & paste an article to prove what your saying ? In the last 40 3/4 years never heard of any Chareidim serving in the army !! Plz plz send us some proof, a website, news article whatever. Thank u

  • 12. To #10 wrote:

    Could u plz tell us who this “genius who wreaked havoc after Gimmel Tamuz” is, we would like to know ? Anyway, as far as we know, in the last 41 years, we never heard of any Frum Yidden serving in the Israeli Military, so until u could bring proof that it did happen (even though u say it was going on before Gimmel Tamuz, u could still find articles that happened before the internet on the web after the internet came out) so it stands that as far as we know Chareidim never served in the Isreali Army, until you can prove us otherwise, therefore it’s on you to prove your point, until then, never heard of any Frum Chareidisheh Yidden serving in the Isreali Military. Thank u


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