Police Ticket Two Bochurim for Dangerous Crossing

Two Bochurim who dangerously darted across Eastern Parkway in the middle of the busy roadway were stopped by cops and issued summonses.

The incident occurred Sunday morning on Eastern Parkway near Kingston Avenue. A reader observed two Bochurim run across the busy five lane street while dodging fast moving vehicles and apparently a police officer observed this as well.

“The cops quickly came around the corner and stopped the two Bochurim for crossing like that an issue them tickets” the witness said.

“I saw them running in between fast moving cars” said the reader who snapped the photos, “it was crazy and a miracle they didn’t get hit [by a car].”

In the past, there have been a number of near tragedies where pedestrians were struck by cars while attempting to save a few minutes by not crossing at the intersection, putting themselves and motorists at great risk.

During the months of Elul and Tishrei police erect barricades in an effort to cut down on this dangerous practice.



  • Shimonshak

    Good!! And they should continue to ticket them until they value their lives more than the minute they save by crossing in the middle of the block.

  • Very good!!!! BH

    Very good!!!!!!!!
    Maybe that would stop everyone from doing such a dangerous thing!!!!
    Now that should start giving tickets to parents who push the navy carriage in the street when the light is not green for them!!

  • Dovid

    “In the past, there have been a number of near tragedies where pedestrians were struck by cars while attempting to save a few minutes by not crossing at the intersection, putting themselves and motorists at great risk”

    “NEAR MISS TRAGEDIES”? How about people have been killed!!!

  • Anonymous

    They should be put in jail.
    That ought to teach these buys a little about adulthood and safety

    • Ezra

      Why stop there? Maybe they ought to be hanged publicly.

      Or maybe we should do that to you. That ought to teach you a little about “talking tough” about others.

  • About time.

    It’s one thing to cross if there are no cars coming, but to dodge between? That is pekuach nefesh, and must be stopped.

  • Israeli

    Kol Hakovod to the police. But these kids have been dodging traffic since they were 3 years old – believe me, in the frum neighborhoods it is terrible. 5 year olds dragging 3 year olds to gan across busy streets. So these kids think it’s OK to do the same here. Hendel & his cronies need to educate them before R”L someone gets killed.

  • Good Job!

    Good work! People have to learn that safety is #1. No need for car crashes r”l to teach them that. The worst is that they don’t think about the driver. It’s very scary to be driving and having to swerve to miss the person. As a driver, and even as a passenger, I’ve seen it countless times.

  • mashpiim at fault

    there needs to be a huge shturim about basic practical life skills.. particularly for the tishrei guest by the people who they listen to most, their mashpiim , rebeeim etc.. It is more important that everyone makes it through tishrei than learning an additional 5 minutes of a maimar… cant learn if your dead

    • To bad:

      That was totally uncalled for. Spew your dislike somewhere else. Hashem is the True Protector.

  • give em tickets.


    I would go as far as a ride with the cop, scare them so they will stop endangering their lives senselessly.

  • story

    I heard years ago (i think from Rabbi yitzchak Groner a”h from australia) that the frierdiger rebbe once as He was sitting on the porch on the 2nd floor of 770, saw R’ Shmuel Levitin crossing eastern parkway. and later told him that he had agmas nefesh (or was nervous…I don’t remember the exact words)

  • Correction

    Correction, not sure which witness saw them doging cars. Yes it is very dangerous what they did but why add hand and feet to the story!??
    They safely crosed half way and were standing in the emergency lane (agreed it can be dangerous) there was no traffic coming from the 770 direction and the cop was going towards 770 (as you can also see by the picture)

    It could have been a dangerous thing that theese bochurim did but that doesn’t mean they were playing chicken with the cars…

  • crossing in middle of the street

    sometimes can be safe sometimes dangerous. NEVER cross in middle of a busy street with cars comign. the only time i ever cross in middle is when there are no cars coming towards me from either side. and i would never do that on a busy street like the main part of eastern parkway.
    a lot of times when im in the car in manhattan people run across the street with twenty cars driving towards them. its very scary.

  • dont mess

    dont mess with these boys or u will regret it!!
    yes they should be more careful but bashing them wont help. so everyone shut it!!!
    and trust me u dont want to mess with them..