Man Faces Drug Charges in Sheva Mitzvos Hat and Suit

A Crown Heights man who had been prohibited from reading from Judaic texts during a pre-trial hearing found another way to bring his religious beliefs into the courtroom, arriving in Brooklyn Supreme Court yesterday wearing a shirt and hat covered with religious writings.

30 year old Aaron Akaberi, who was arrested on a variety of drug charges, wore a paper hat bearing the words of the Sheva Mitzvos Bnei Noach and a shirt that appeared to be made of taped together pages of a Hebrew-English Chumash.

The New York Post reported that Akaberi is a colorful character who has found himself in the media spotlight on several occasions:  he stagined a bizarre hunger strike in 2006 as a student at the University of Binghamton and was booted from the Air Force for refusing to participate in training exercises because they violated the beliefs of his religion, which he dubbed “Aaronism.”

Law enforcement sources paint a far more sinister picture of Akaberi, describing him as both dangerous and manipulative and, according to Gothamist, Akaberi has a string of prior arrests.

Akaberi never got a chance to present his unusual attire to Judge Martin Murphy. His court hearing was adjourned to a later date, but Akaberi told reporters that he had entered a plea of “not guilty” with the court.


  • 2. Anonymous wrote:

    This man should be jailed asap.
    He destroyed many lives in CH.
    He belongs behind bars.

    • 3. Also anonymous wrote:

      ALL the drug dealers in CH should be jailed. As my wife commented at this site 2 years ago after the arrest of M. R. H. and J. for attempting to buy 50 lbs of marijuana, “Our son can stick out his hand any time of day or night and someone will put something in it.” Drug dealers should burn in gehinnom.

  • 4. Give your wife a get! wrote:

    Aaron Akaberi needs to give his wife a Get!

    He is a siruv Beis Din.

    His wife is an aguna.

    Next time you see him, tell him to give his wife a Get!

  • 5. cute? wrote:

    Big chillul HaShem, plus he’s wearing pages of a chumash. In addition to the disrespect for the chumash, he’s eventually going to have to enter the bathroom, thus causing even more disrespect!

  • 7. unreal wrote:

    He is a very very sick man and needs to be behind bars he rocked up in this neighborhood from gd knows where aliyah gave him a safe haven at a point he destroyed and supplies tons and tons of our children with drugs they should lock him up and throw out the key if they dont hold your kids close

  • 10. Another criminal we don't need wrote:

    He is a drug dealer and a criminal.
    He is making a mockery out of our religion.
    How is this a “very cute idea”?
    This is a terrible Chilul Hashem.

  • 15. "HE OUR BROTHER" wrote:

    unfurthently he is a bit sick in the head but he is still our brother “chabad” upratch is not to lock somone up behined bars rather to help him speack to him just like you are all judjing him
    ‘yam kippur” is coming up and god is about to judge us so only look at somone with your right eye and surly god will look at you with a good eye dont forget he still “OUR BROTHER” a graet year to evryone

  • 16. Crown heights needs a patch wrote:

    I’m ashamed of all you crown heights people you crawl out your caves don’t even hesitate or think twice before writing some thing bad about some one else when u find out some news or gossip in crown heights

    I’m being honest…. how about you people do some thing to help your community instead of going online to comment about some thing or some one you really know absolutely nothing about

    I see clearly your shechuna comes out to comment when they have some excitement in their life from what were u doing all this time to help your community to progress and not be so limited ??????

    God should bless all of you to do what you are supposed to its the purpose of living its to love a fellow Jew it’s the baby steps of Judaism by loving other people we love God
    so please find yourself and open your eye to this world and your community and think of all the possibilities possibilitys in the best it can be

    • 17. DRUG DEALER wrote:


  • 18. Moshe wrote:

    He’s not a good person, he acts crazy when he gets caught but in the street he is smart .,.,,.,,.

  • 19. shlomo wrote:

    so many Jewish woman judges in the small court in Brooklyn. what need to advertise only 7 mitzvoth?)))


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