Vancouver Rabbi to Aid Yeshiva Students with Gemara Study

With boys and young men already in yeshiva for Elul zman, the hum of Torah is emanating from study halls around the world. This year in the Chabad yeshiva system, they are studying the masechta (tractate) of Kesubos.

As an aid for students who wish to get a head-start in dissecting some of the finer points of the tractate, as well as for parents who want to be able to “talk in learning” with their sons, Rabbi Binyomin Bitton has released a series of video classes via’s video site

Originally from Lyon, France, Rabbi Bitton is the founder and spiritual leader of Chabad of Downtown Vancouver and co-dean of the Jewish Academy. A renowned Talmudic scholar, his warmth, knowledge and passion for learning has brought him to teach in communities around the world.

While Rabbi Bitton generally explains each Talmudic discussion (sugya) from the beginning in English, the classes delve deeply into the finer points of the topics they address, bringing an authentic yeshivishe learning experience that can be appreciated by novice as well as a seasoned student.

The classes on Kesubos can be viewed here.

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Concurrently, also offers classes on every single page (daf) of Kesubos by Rabbi Avraham Zajac, director of Chabad-Lubavitch of South La Cienega, CA, who is known for peppering the classes with Chassidic insights.

“Thank G-d, we have a tremendous wealth of Torah learning and teaching,” notes Rabbi Shmuel Lifshitz of, “and this is the perfect time for people to buckle down with a Gemara and enjoy the sugyos of the coming year.

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